Chuck (Rob Benedict) welcomes the audience to the end on Thursday’s episode of Supernatural. If you couldn’t watch the season 14 finale live, here’s what you missed:

Jack causes mass hysteria

In last week's episode, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) tried to lock Jack (Alexander Calvert) in the warded box, but Jack escaped.

This week’s episode picks right up where last week left off. Jack is upset that Sam and Dean lied to him, so he runs away. When he walks down the street, he hears people lying and believes he can help humanity if he stops all lying. So, he screams “Stop lying!” and suddenly the world can’t lie. Within seconds, hysteria breaks out. There are riots, the president admits to convoluting with Russia and the Queen of England is a lizard.

Luckily, Sam and Dean are not too far behind Jack. The brothers are at a software engineering company to track Jack’s face on social media when the panic breaks out. Meanwhile, Cas (Misha Collins) stumbles into Chuck, also known as God, while trying to get into Hell. Chuck leads Cas to Sam and Dean, where they have a chat back at the bunker. 

Chuck admits that Jack is a problem and needs to be killed, but only Sam and Dean can do it. The best part? Chuck hands them a gun that he just invented so it could kill Jack. When the brothers try to ask why them or where has he been, Chuck backs out of the conversation.

He eventually fixes the mass hysteria with a snap and just like it, it didn’t happen. 

Chuck has always been the anti-portrayal of what God typically is. Chuck is a writer; he’s made that clear. He’s written the Supernatural series, which made an appearance within the series. This episode is a different glimpse into his character arc because there’s a total lack of remorse or regret, which will probably be heavily explored next season.

Chuck kills Jack

When it comes the time for Dean to pick up the gun and kill Jack, Dean is more than willing because of the emotional trauma Jack has caused. Jack finds Cas in a graveyard, and while they’re talking, Dean approaches with the gun. Jack accepts his fate, but Dean can’t pull the trigger. 

Chuck, who appears with Sam, gets angry and tells Dean to pick up the gun. When Dean won’t, Chuck kills Jack himself by burning his eyes out. This is the first time the screen saw Chuck kill someone, which is uncharacteristic for God.

Jack is seen in The Empty where Billy says she need to talk.

Supernatural goes mega meta

When Sam and Chuck were catching up in the bunker, Chuck said that this dimension’s version of Sam and Dean are his favorite because they are like his favorite show. Sam and Dean are like characters to Chuck. During Chuck’s tirade at the graveyard, he makes a speech about how if Dean kills Jack, it would be symbolic of Abraham trying to kill Isaac.

Sam makes the connection that Chuck has been playing them their entire lives because Chuck wrote it. 

Dean emphasizes that it’s not just a story; it’s their lives. He tells God to go to hell. 

This isn’t the first time the series has gone meta or broke the fourth wall. In fact, they’re notorious for doing it. But this time, there’s limited airtime and there’s a lot of unanswered questions.

Chuck erases the last 14 seasons 

After Chuck kills Jack, Sam tries to shoot Chuck, but the bullet ricochets and hits Sam in the shoulder. Chuck welcomes them to the end and it’s night. Motörhead’s “God Was Never on Your Side” plays as souls escape from hell, just like the apocalypse.

The audience sees a series of old cases — the Woman in White, John Wayne Gacy’s ghost, and Bloody Mary. Every case the boys solved is reopened, which means that whatever the boys did over the past 14 seasons, in this timeframe, means nothing. 

As the episode nears its end, Sam, Dean and Cas are surrounded by zombies in the graveyard. The trio circles around each other and prepares to fight, as the end subsequently begins.

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Supernatural will return for its final season.