For more than 20 of us wizened old seniors here at The Post, this will likely be the last time our names appear in the pages of our beloved college newspaper. It goes without saying that we wouldn’t have traded these past four years for the world. 

In the academic year’s final edition of The Post, a few of our seniors would like to say farewell and thank you to parents, friends, and of course, to our readers. We couldn’t do it without you. 

Georgia Davis, The Beat Editor

I stepped onto OU’s campus for the first time in April 2015. By the end of the tour, I looked to my parents and said, “This is it.” I wouldn’t be where I am today without the unconditional support from my parents. They could have told me to go to a school where I had more scholarship offers, but they didn’t. Now I have a degree I’m prOUd (had to do it) of, lifelong friends and memories that I will cherish forever. Thank you, mom and dad. I hope I made you proud.

Trevor Colgan, Slot Editor

To my family: Thanks for the endless support over the last four years. To my friends: thanks for all the memories. To The Post: Thanks for helping me grow, both personally and professionally in my time here. It’s meant the world.

Jackie Osborne, Slot Editor

Thank you Athens, for showing me what life was like out of the bubble I thought I needed to be protected in. Thank you professor Young, for guiding me to be the woman I am and proud to be. Thank you family, for showing me that I am stronger than I ever imagined, and I never have any reason to be afraid of the future. 

Kate Ansel, Social Media Director

If your parents are Ohio University alumni, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve grown up visiting campus throughout your childhood like I did. Homecoming was celebrated in my house like a holiday and I was dressed up in green and white from the time I was born. Some people might think that meant that I always knew I was coming here or that my parents forced me into it, but for a long time I really didn’t want to come to OU and didn’t think it was the place for me. Only when I came for my first official visit as a prospective student did I know that this was the university for me and that I had found my hOUme. Four years have gone by so unbelievably quickly and I’ve had the opportunity to meet some amazing people, make lifelong friendships, and create memories that will last me a lifetime. Thank you to everyone who has supported me and especially to my parents and my sisters. I love and appreciate you more than you know. 

Jonny Palermo, The Beat Writer

Deciding to pursue an education at OU over some collegiate dump like Cincinnati or Ohio State was the best decision I’ve ever made. As the old adage goes, all good things must come to an end, but that doesn’t make leaving this remarkable place any easier. I’ll miss my professors, who gave me the knowledge and resources to jumpstart my career as a software sales representative. I’ll miss trivia night, brainstompers, late-night food, after-hours, and other drunken Court Street shenanigans. I’ll miss my colleagues at The Post and the Schey Sales Centre, many of whom were more than just “the people I worked with” or “professional connections.” I’ll miss strolling through College Green and thinking about how lucky I was to walk through the most peculiarly beautiful campus in the world every morning on my way to class. Most of all, I’ll miss my friends, who are more than just pals, roommates, or drinking buddies — they’re family. I’d also be remiss if I didn’t thank my mom and dad for their continued love and (financial) support. Cheers.

Chuck Greenlee, Opinion Editor

Where to start? I’d like to thank my family and friends – you know, the usual (special shoutout to the love of my life, Sarah Penix). However, I’d also like to thank everyone else at The Post. I can’t imagine my collegiate career without the amazing young folks behind the masthead at this newspaper. We’ve all been there for one another while we flew high like birds and fell into the lowest of valleys, and we couldn’t have gotten there without each other. So to Abbey, Alexis, Georgia, Pete, Trevor, Abby, McCann, Penrose, Bailey, Eric, Erin, Jackie, Jess U. and Scout, Jess H., (sigh) Jonny, Kate, Lauren, Maddie, Margaret Mary, Shook, Rylie and Spencer, thanks for one hell of a ride. I’ll miss you all dearly. 

Alexis Eichelberger, Culture Editor

As a freshman, I swore I would never be the person who spent all her free time in The Post newsroom. Three years later, I’ve absolutely become that person, and I couldn’t be happier about it. I’m infinitely grateful to The Post, OU and the people who got my here for giving me my best friends in the world and some of the best moments of my life. I hope I can make you all proud.

Jess Hill, Assistant Managing Editor

During the first week of my freshman year, I didn’t think I would join The Post. I thought it seemed too mainstream, and I wanted to do something different. But after the ice cream social and the first trip to the newsroom, my mind was infinitely changed for the better. I’m so proud to call the newsroom my second home (OK, sometimes first home), and I’ve made friends here and at OU that will last a lifetime. Thank you to my family for supporting me. Thanks to all of my friends for never getting annoyed when I incessantly talk about AP Style and The Post. And thank you to all of my professors for teaching me how everything is complicated and confusing. And finally, thank you, reader, for supporting us and helping us all become better writers.