Rapper Gucci Mane began as a trap artist and still implements that trap style into his music. However, his latest album contains a mixture of sounds, with tracks featuring Jeremih, Navé Monjo and Justin Bieber having nuances of R&B. A rapper that never fails to release trap and rap anthems, Gucci’s latest album, Delusions of Grandeur, contains hits to keep fans hype during all of summer 2019.

Gucci’s flow can frame any mood and any beat. The album is versatile and the perfect fit for car rides, clubbing and working out. The beat of some songs are slow, but with the rapper spouting his hardcore lyrics, there is a smooth mix of R&B with trap. Similarly, Gucci has rarely let down his fans since his debut album, Trap House, in 2005, and his latest album is no deviation from the hype of his previous works. 

There were multiple singles dropped in the weeks leading up to the album release, which only raised fans’ excitement. Early drops included “Love Thru the Computer (feat. Justin Bieber),” “Backwards (feat. Meek Mill)” and “Proud Of You.” 

Other than Bieber and Meek Mill featured on two of the singles, Delusions of Grandeur also features high-profile hip-hop artists such as Lil Baby, Wiz Khalifa and Lil Uzi Vert. Building off of his trap style, Gucci included a bilingual song with “Special,” which features Puerto Rican artist Anuel Aa. Not every song on the album is a hit, but songs like “Proud Of You” & “Blind (feat. A Boogie Wit da Hoodie)” are bound to make listeners hit the replay button.

Despite the album containing multiple features, Gucci’s solo songs also are above par. The strong lyrics in “Bottom” along with producer Tay Keith’s beats are bound to make listeners dance.

The different vibes of the songs on Delusions of Grandeur show the contrasting sounds Guwop is able to tackle. A number of today’s rappers seemingly have the same beats and flows in all of their songs. The beats of some of the Delusions of Grandeur songs have similar trap clap noises; however, the way they are produced sets them apart to make them unique.

The Atlanta-based rapper has enough talent and consistency to release chart-topping albums often and even write a New York Times best-selling autobiography. Gucci Mane was inspired to begin writing his autobiography while in a maximum-security federal prison, and it seems to be one of the best comeback stories the music industry has seen recently. Through Delusions of Grandeur, Gucci references his troubled past with the song “Making Of A Murderer.”

The album cover for Delusions of Grandeur shows Gucci sporting his recently-achieved fit body atop two Rolls-Royce cars, which depicts the cocky album and artist perfectly. Not one to slow down, Guwop released Evil Genius in late 2018, but he has dropped the applaudable album that is Delusions of Grandeur less than a year later. An album that sonically blends his trap style with some fresh nuances and vibes, the album is a story of perseverance, showing Gucci isn’t slowing his roll or his slew of releases any time soon.