One of the most anticipated films of the summer is the forthcoming live-action The Lion King, starring Donald Glover as Simba and Beyoncé as Nala. Audiences have been more than thrilled when any teasers or trailers have been released, which are leading up to the film’s July 19 premiere. 

Now, audiences are having even stronger reactions to the first listen of the soundtrack, with a 30-second clip of “Can You Feel the Love Tonight.” However, the reactions are a mix of excited and scared for how the rest of the soundtrack will be. 

Glover, known in the music world as Childish Gambino, and Beyoncé are both award-winning musicians with a lot of talent to spare. As the The Lion King is a musical, it was only fitting to cast such well-known musicians in the roles of the two leads. 

However, Beyoncé is arguably the bigger musician between the two and more known for singing instead of Glover’s musical fame coming from his rapping. That’s why the 30-second sneak peek into the soundtrack has some audiences, especially Beyoncé fans, quite critical of Glover’s singing. 

Beyoncé fans are critiquing Glover’s voice and making jokes about how Beyoncé is clearly superior between the two, making his vocals sound horrible. However, Glover’s fans are saying just because they have different styles of singing doesn’t mean Glover’s performance is worse — and that audiences shouldn’t judge his voice by simply listening to a 30-second clip. 

Here’s how both sides, and the neutral fans, are reacting on Twitter:


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