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Cassie finds out she’s pregnant on this week’s episode of ‘Euphoria.’ (Photo via @HBOPR on Twitter)

TV Review: Fez is in trouble and Cassie is pregnant on ‘Euphoria’

Euphoria is HBO’s latest work of art, cleverly and disturbingly intertwining stories of high school kids who are sexually active, do hard drugs and in this week’s case, get pregnant. Every week the stories become more complicated, and the trouble becomes more intense. With one more episode left in the season, it’s clear the show is just going to get crazier by the minute. 

Last week’s episode ended with Nate (Jacob Eldori) and Maddy (Alexa Demie) putting Tyler (Lukas Gage) in jail, getting Jules (Hunter Schafer) to corroborate the story with blackmail and strutting their toxic relationship as if none of it had happened. 

This week, Jules is M.I.A. and detective Rue (Zendaya) is on the case with the help of her trusty sidekick, Lexi (Maude Apatow). The format of the episode is artistic, using familiar settings as a detective’s office and starring Rue and Lexi as the detectives. Rue knows Tyler is in jail, and she knows that something isn’t adding up, so she investigates, only to come up with the conclusion that Jules is in love with Nate. 

Rue slips into a depressive state, barely leaving her room even to use the bathroom. In one of her manic episodes, she goes to visit Fez (Angus Cloud) and tells him about the quote-on-quote case she’s working on. She also asks him to threaten Nate so that he quits messing with her and Jules. Their visit is interrupted when Fez’s supplier comes to the house, and she’s forced to hide. While she’s hiding, she’s tempted by some of Fez’s drugs sitting out on the table, but to the audience’s surprise and relief, Rue turns them down and leaves. 

Funny enough, the episode truly focuses a lot on Rue trying to pee. She’s too depressed to leave her bed, while Jules is barely talking to her, off visiting friends from her own school and, unknowingly to Rue, is cheating on her. Rue ends up getting a kidney infection, which is paired in an extremely artistic way with Jules’ cheating scene at a club. Rue thinks she needs to go back on medication to help her depression, and the audience is left to worry about what that means for Rue’s sobriety. 

Meanwhile, Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) gets some backstory in this episode, and the audience learns her dad was a deadbeat, and men have always been extremely awful to her. From her dad stealing their dishes and leaving her forever to always being asked by her boyfriends to film sex tapes, Cassie has been through a lot emotionally. 

This is what makes it so heartbreaking when we find out she’s pregnant with McKay’s (Algee Smith) baby. After everything Cassie has been through, she has to get pregnant now, of course. She’s scared of what to do and how to tell McKay, but when the two of them talk about it, he’s extremely kind and caring about her and what she’s feeling, proving once again that McKay is the best guy on Euphoria

After Cassie breaks down and imagines this beautiful fairytale of having a family with McKay, and McKay is nice about it, he explains to Cassie that she knows it’s really not time and that they should wait and have an abortion now. 

“You’re going to make the best mother on the planet one day,” McKay said. “I say that without a doubt.”

The two make up, and Cassie tells her mom. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the season finale and if she ends up going through with the abortion. 

Meanwhile, Fez doesn’t like that Rue and Jules are being threatened by Nate, so he honors Rue’s request and goes to threaten Nate, telling him to leave them alone. 

“Listen bruh, all I’m sayin’: if you keep f---ing with Rue and her friends, then I’m gonna kill you,” Fez said. 

Nate, of course, doesn’t take this well. Being that he’s actually pure evil, he calls the cops and reports Fez for being a drug dealer, and the episode ends with Fez trying to flush all of his drugs down the toilet before the cops can see what’s going on in his house. 

Audiences love Fez and hate Nate, so it’s clear Nate’s report of Fez spurred a lot of negative reactions from viewers. Now the audience is left to wonder what will happen to sweet Fez in the season finale next week, praying that Nate gets the jail time he deserves. 

Here’s how audiences reacted on Twitter:

The season finale of Euphoria airs Sunday at 10 p.m. on HBO. 


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