When Lil Nas X released “Old Town Road” in December 2018, the song blew up. Then in April 2019, a remix featuring Billy Ray Cyrus was released and hit number one on the Billboard and Rolling Stones charts tremendously quick. 

The country/rap artist then released another remix featuring Billy Ray Cyrus and Diplo, and the remixing of “Old Town Road” quickly became a running joke of who would be next and how many more times it’d be remixed. 

The latest remix of “Old Town Road” features popular rapper Young Thug and singer Mason Ramsey, known to some as the Walmart yodeling kid, and yeehaw, is it a good listen. 

This remix may be the best one yet. It has the great aspects of the original, with the vocals and great verse from Billy Ray Cyrus, while also incorporating two new verses and artists. Though Young Thug’s verse is a great demonstration of a talented rapper, it’s Mason Ramsey’s verse audiences are focused on. 

The yodeling kid became an internet sensation quickly, and after his viral fame, the 12-year-old went on to release his own song, sign a record deal, perform at Coachella and fulfill his dream of performing at the Grand Ole Opry. 

His latest career achievement is being featured in Lil Nas X’s latest remix with one of the tightest verses we’ve heard from the “Old Town Road” songs. Ramsey makes sure audiences know “If you ain’t got no giddyup then giddy out my way.” The young singer even features one of his signatures yodels at the end of the word “way.” 

Though it’s almost guaranteed Lil Nas X will release more remixes, this is by far the best one we’ve heard so far. 

Here’s how audiences reacted on Twitter: