Catch your breath, rose lovers. Chris Harrison wasn’t lying when he proclaimed this season as “the most dramatic finale” thus far. 

Part two of the finale resumed on proposal day as Hannah made her life-changing decision between Tyler Cameron and Jed Wyatt. Tyler was the first to walk out of the limo — meaning the Bachelorette was going to break his heart (and Bachelor Nation’s) and give Jed the final rose. 

But what exactly was Harrison referring to when he called the proposal “cringeworthy?” Jed arriving with his guitar, of course. The couple expressed their love for each other as Hannah finally confesses, “I love you Jed Wyatt.” 

Following the engagement, Jed’s lies began to unfold as Hannah learns the truth about his previous relationship.

“He told me it was nothing,” she states. But clearly, that was not the case as he explains the vacations together, the “hangouts,” and the final promises to each other leading up to filming. 

Bachelor Nation thought Luke P. was the only villain this season, but unfortunately that was not the case in the end. Hannah ended the engagement by powerfully taking off her ring on camera. The two meet once again in the hot seat with Chris Harrison as Hannah beams with confidence about her future. “I want a husband…but I don't need one,” she boldly adds. 

In the end, Hannah’s not-so happy ending takes a delightful turn as she reunites with Tyler. Obviously, she proclaims that her strong feelings never faded after Greece. Hannah shoots her shot by asking Tyler on a date stating, “You’re an incredible guy and I am a single girl...” 

Hopefully, the rest is history. 

Here’s how Twitter reacted to the finale of ‘The Bachelorette’: 


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