It’s been a very bumpy road, rose lovers. The flirty fun is over, and reality is rudely settling in. Within the final weeks, the remaining group of contestants has dwindled and hometowns are finally upon the horizon. The men are “falling in love,” the goodbyes are getting all the more hard and Luke P. (the 5 feet, 8 inch villain) is somehow still lurking around. Week eight resumed in the Netherlands as Hannah picked her final four: Jed, Tyler, Peter and Luke P. 

Here are some highlights from the latest episode of The Bachelorette

Jed is falling in love

After recent news about Jed’s prior relationship, it's tough to watch his relationship with Hannah unfold. The couple spent their one-on-one chocolate tasting, kissing and boating their way around Amsterdam.

“These feelings have been so easy … like effortless feelings,” Jed confessed. 

Hm, maybe because they aren’t genuine? Controversy aside, the chemistry is undeniable between the two and is portrayed to be the strongest of the group. Although Jed entered the show with questionable intentions about furthering his music career, it’s very possible he found true love along the way as well. 

During the evening portion of the date, Hannah felt so confident in her feelings that she revealed, “Jed … I’m falling in love with you.” Just like that, her alluded metaphorical walls all came crashing down. 

After moments of establishing their feelings for each other, Jed snagged a rose and secured his spot for hometowns.

Tyler is falling in love, too 

Tyler gets the second one-on-one of the week, and the couple spend their day exploring Hague on horseback. The date isn’t exactly a ride into the sunset as Hannah senses Tyler’s reluctance to open up. After moments of trying to pry into his mind, Tyler delivers exactly what Hannah seeks. He begins to unfold his childhood, his parents’ divorce and his biggest fear: failing at marriage. 

His vulnerability is rewarded with a rose, and he ends the evening by telling her, “I feel like I'm falling in love with you.”

Hannah clearly has her remaining men under her trance.

Bye-bye, Mike

Mike gets the last one-on-one of the week, and Connor is sad. His feels land him right on Hannah’s doorstep, which may or may not have been a smart move on his behalf. After expressing his disappointment about never receiving a proper one-on-one, Hannah tells him he’s “faded in the group dates” and that she has stronger relationships.

This time around, vulnerability is not rewarded, and Connor immediately gets sent home, saying, “I didn’t want this to be goodbye.” 

The next day, Mike and Hannah meet for their date and, of course, he literally sweeps her off her feet. The couple spend their day biking, laughing, joking and eventually end up at an art studio. Although they portray a lot of flirting and fun, their connections seems strictly that: flirty fun. Mike’s feelings are crystal clear as he says, “Hannah is 100 percent my muse.” But the one thing missing is how Hannah truly feels.

Before the evening portion of the date even begins, Hannah is sobbing, which can only mean one thing: Mike is about to be blindsided.

Immediately tearful, Hannah tells Mike that she knows he has three important ladies in his life, but “she is not his fourth.” Hannah sends him home rose-less as her hardest goodbye thus far.

Cheers to Mike this season and for hopefully securing a place as the next Bachelor!

Bye-bye, Garrett, too

Peter, Garrett, and Luke P. take on the infamous three-on-one showdown. Like clockwork, Luke stirs the drama by playing victim and performing world-class manipulation, and, of course, he brings up Jed, Tyler and Garrett within his first few words to Hannah. 

Garrett, Luke and Hannah all play he-said, he-said for a while until we finally reach the climactic moment Bachelor Nation has been waiting all season for. Luke lashes out on Garrett, yelling, “I’ve been nothing but truthful with Hannah, and YOU are not gonna mess it up.” He then continues to pick up a pile of bologna and throws it on Garrett. The irony is downright horrendous. 

Onto Peter — arguably one of the most wholesome men in Bachelorette history. The two meet briefly for a nice break to cut the tension inside. He finishes by telling her the popular confession of the episode, “I’m falling in love with you.” Of course, his own sanity secures him a rose. 

With only one rose left, Peter and Garrett unite for the evening portion of the date. Luke talks faith with Hannah and his epiphany moment in the shower. Garrett gets too vulnerable and drops the hard L: “I love you” (a big Bachelorette no-no). But when it finally comes down to it, who gets the rose? Of course it’s not Garrett who has been vulnerable and honest, but instead Luke who has manipulated Hannah the entire season. 

Garrett said it best, “Luke is going to keep saying exactly what Hannah wants to hear … and it’s gonna last the rest of her life.” Hopefully that’s not the case and she will come to her senses shortly. We can only hope.