Grab the sunscreen, rose lovers. It’s time to hit the beach.

After a short intermission, Bachelor in Paradise is finally underway with a cast full of fan favorites, connections already forming and lots of tea waiting to be spilled. Before touching down on the beach, a few contestants reflected upon their past heartbreak and eagerness for a second chance at love. Tayshia confides in her father; Hannah G. journals after her breakup with Colton, and Blake is still “healing” from his past relationship with Becca. Will it be round two for love or for heartbreak? 

Here are some highlights from week one of Bachelor in Paradise:


On cue, ABC Cam’s intro video included a cringe-worthy rap. “Demi is a goddess; Hannah is a g; they don’t need a pity rose from Mike or Luke P.,” he rhymed. Yikes. 

As soon as the guys started talking about Cam, he arrived on the beach dressed in leopard print. “Cam has good taste in bad clothing. If I was at a strip club, I would picture him as the lead DJ of the night,” Kevin stated. Feeling confident, Cam tries his luck to bond with the guys, but they all bounce as soon as he comes over to greet them. 

His strategy of choice? Weirding women out with his “bold” moves. “Let’s fast forward and say we have a daughter,” Cam began to tell Tayshia before Kevin stole her away. She clearly wasn’t having it.

Pre-paradise drama

It’s time for Blake’s worst nightmare. Yes, his past is coming back to haunt him. Before filming began, Caelynn briefly dated Blake. Apparently, things went south quickly as Caelynn told Wells, “We talked about skipping Paradise and coming out as us. And then he ghosted me.” 

Caelynn caught Blake DM’ing Hannah G. while he was laying next to her in bed. Big Yikes. If matters couldn't possibly get worse, Blake told Caelynn that he had just been with Kristina the night before. “I was fully, fully played, and he hurt me … Blake only cares about himself.” Hopefully, the tea will be spilled soon, and Blake will finally get what he deserves.


Hannah G. and Dylan: Hannah might have been upset after Blake used his first date card on Tayshia, but it was a blessing in disguise. Dylan, who claims Hannah is the only girl he wanted to meet, is overjoyed that he can finally make a move. “I don't see myself with anyone else here in Paradise besides Hannah,” he told Wells. He pulls Hannah aside for a chat and announces his interest in her. Just like that, the makeouts begin.

“Blake blew it! Thanks, Blake!” Dylan stated. 

Blake and Tayshia: As soon as Blake stepped onto the sand, he began flirting with Hannah. But naturally, he chose to take Taysia on the first date of the season. The two had a brief fling at Stagecoach that apparently ended with Blake hooking up with Caelynn and Kristina within the same weekend. Ew.

Blake and Taysia spend the evening in a romantically lit hotel for dinner. He toasted, “Here’s to second chances and to finding what we’re looking for.” That won’t age well. 

The night escalated outside for the first hot tub makeout session of the season. Alas, it’s not too long before the truth comes out. 


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