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Amber Run’s ‘Philophobia’ is an emotional rollercoaster of an album. (Photo provided via @amberrun on Instagram)

Album Review: Amber Run brings new sound with ‘Philophobia’ following two-year album hiatus

Originally formed in 2012, Amber Run has created a series of EPs, singles and albums spurring a multi-million supporter base on Spotify alone. The British indie-rock trio recently released its third album, Philophobia.

While keeping the band’s original genre in mind, the album gives listeners both songs that would be best for a night in with candles and blankets, while other songs make you want to scream from the rooftops. “Leader Countdown,” is nothing more than a 42 second piano opening for the album before cutting to “Neon Circus,” one of the primarily upbeat songs in Philophobia.

“No One Gets out Alive,” is perhaps the most entertaining track, bringing both intimidation and infatuation. A song that borders aggression and adoration is rare, but here it is. “What Could Be as Lonely as Love” follows with more rock than indie, but proves to be necessary to completing the album’s tone.

Indie aspects become more pronounced starting with “Carousel,” and continues throughout “I Dare You” and “The Darkness Has a Voice,” which was released earlier this year. All three songs definitely sound best in a car going down the highway on a warm summer night at full volume.

“Affection” and “Medicine” show the softer side of the album through lyrics and instrumentals designed specifically to poke and prod at the listeners’ hearts. “Affection” is a cry out for connection in love while “Medicine” is the final plea. Well, Amber Run, consider the heartstrings plucked raw.

The stages of heartbreak go from bargaining to anger, as does Philophobia’s second to last track. While the previous songs are soft and mellow, “Entertainment,” makes sure to break that trend in the blink of an eye with heavy electric guitar, as well as intense vocals.

“Worship,” is proving to be a new favorite amongst the band’s growing fanbase. Bringing in various elements of elegance and emotional anguish, heartbreak is the primary message communicated, no doubt about it.

While there are some albums that you can listen to the songs out of order, Philophobia is not one of those albums — there is a story being told. The term, philophobia, is defined as the fear of falling in love, and the album is the proof. Whether it’s dealing with the levels of anger or sadness associated with heartbreak, Amber Run takes listeners on a rollercoaster of emotions with its latest release.


Jack Hiltner

Digital Director

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