With only one episode left, it’s time to see which couples of Paradise are strong enough for overnight dates, and which couples will be over and out. Tuesday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise picked back up with all the couples in the hot seat as their departure from Paradise is only days away. 

Hannah, who has had little to no screen time, gets a date card that reads “pick someone that feels like home.” Of course, she chooses Dylan and the two attend a random child’s birthday party. Long story short, Dylan professes his love for Hannah telling her, “I may have told my future wife that I love her today.” Awww. 

Apparently, Connor has been waiting for Whitney to show up in Paradise after their brief conversations at Krystal and Chris’ wedding. 

“If Whitney doesn't come down those steps in the next five minutes, I’m honestly probably going to leave,” Connor said. 

Per usual, the gods of Paradise listen and Whitney is walking down the steps in no time. Though, of course, Connor has already left after a painstaking five minutes. Once Whitney realizes Connor has just left, she chases him to his hotel room and the two go on a date.

Things look rocky for one of the strongest couples of Paradise, Clay and Nicole. The flame between the two seems to have dwindled as they remain on two totally different pages. Nicole wants commitment, and Clay wants to figure out his uncertainty with their relationship. Everything is immediately weird after Nicole confesses her love and Clay responds by stating, “You're my best friend on the beach.” YIKES. 

John Paul Jones and Tayshia dramatically ended things and it hurt more than anticipated. Of course, it was easily guessed the two would eventually split. Did we actually think JPJ and Tayshia were in for the long haul? 

He confesses his love and Tayshia ends up telling JPJ that she wants to fall in love, but isn’t quite there yet. There’s no other choice but to leave and the two part their separate ways. If JPJ’s heart is broken, we’re all broken hearted. 

The finale is just a week away for the remaining couples: Dylan and Hannah, Demi and Kristian, and Katie and Chris.

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