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10 songs to listen to on a spontaneous hike

It’s official — the beloved season of fall is here! The beginning of autumn means it is time to welcome back pumpkin spice lattes, haunted houses, hoodies and crisp weather. There is no better place to be during the changing of seasons than Athens. Ohio University not only has an abundance of greenery and trees throughout College Green but is also within a short driving distance from beautiful parks, such as Wayne National Forest and Hocking Hills, that are perfect for hiking. Take the time this season to let yourself unwind by embracing the color change in leaves and listening to tunes like the following ten while embarking on a hike: 

“Here Comes The Sun” by The Beatles

There is no better song to listen to while hiking than this classic. The mellow tune against the lyrics, “Here comes the sun, and I say it's all right,” are sure to bring joy to anyone, especially someone soaking up the sun during their mid-day hike. 

“High And Low” by Empire Of The Sun

This tune, sung by the famous electronic duo Empire Of The Sun, has a special element of fun to it. While hiking, you should be enjoying yourself, and this song will ensure you are doing so. Throughout the music video for “High And Low,” you are even able to see young, energetic individuals running through different aspects of nature with a utopian twist. 

“Wait” by M83

Unlike the previous two songs, “Wait” by M83 has a more wistful theme to it. This song is great for instances such as late night drives and hikes at sunset. “Wait” will undeniably cause you to forget all of your troubles. Close your eyes, stop for a second to breathe and reflect on your current emotions while listening to this track. “Wait” is truly magical and will bring you an alleviating experience while hiking. 

“Take A Walk” by Passion Pit

If you delve deep into the meaning of this song, it’s unintentionally political and aimed to be about family and immigration. However, for a hike it can be motivating in the sense that it repeats the hook, “Take a walk” numerous times. So do just that — take a walk (or a hike in this case). Aside from the hook and meaning, the tempo alone will drive and excite you to continue trekking uphill.

“Somewhere Only We Know” by Keane

For some, hiking might be an ideal date destination. If this is the case, “Somewhere Only We Know” is the perfect song for you and your partner. Wherever you may be hiking, the destination can become new place for your relationship to flourish. Alongside that, the song also has many references to earth and nature at the song’s beginning. 

“Way It Goes” by Hippo Campus 

Hippo Campus’ “Way It Goes” is a carefree song that anyone can groove to, especially while hiking. Its positive vibe is assured to put you in a pleasant mood. 

“Perfect Places” by Lorde

Everyone has a favorite place where they can go, but also let go. “Perfect Places” by Lorde suggests that anyone can go to their ideal place if they believe it is one. Listening to this song can make one feel as if the forest or hike they are in, is a perfect place. 

“Minimal” by Role Model

If you are seeking out a day full of simplicity and good vibes, listen to the song “Minimal” by Role Model. This song encourages you to keep matters uncomplicated and transparent, which is a good mindset to have when doing any physical activity. 

“Paradise” by Bazzi 

When it’s time to pick up the pace of your hike, this song will make you come alive and urges you to dance. “Paradise” even mentions coming alive on a night that is blissful. For many, as the sun goes down, becoming one with nature by yourself or with friends can truly teleport you to paradise in the middle of Athens. 

“pink skies” by LANY

LANY’s “pink skies” is another song that would be wondrous for a date or even just spending time in nature with people you enjoy. “Pink skies” sounds even better when the sun is setting, and you’ve had the chance to truly experience vibrant skies during your hike. Reaching the end point of your destination, looking out into the sunset with “pink skies” playing, and being next to someone you love, is the definition of perfection. 


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