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6 snacks to take on your next hike

Hiking is a typical activity, especially in the fall months before the winter weather makes it near impossible. Athens and Hocking Hills are great places to go for hikes, but it’s important to have a list of supplies to take with you before you go. One of the most essential hiking supplies is a collection of healthy snacks to provide energy through the trip. Here are six snacks to get you through your hike:

Trail mix

Trail mix is probably the most well-known hiking snack. People can buy premade trail mix from the store, such as the Planters trail mix or the Second Nature Wholesome Medley, or they can make their own trail mix with various nuts, chocolates, dried fruits, popcorn and other ingredients. Trail mix is really open ended and the ingredients are up to the particular preferences of the consumer. There’s no doubt that trail mix is the best snack for a long hike. 

Dried fruit

Unless you’re carrying an actual refrigerator or a miniature cooler around, regular fruit won’t keep very well on a long hike. That’s why the best solution is to bring dried fruit. Dried fruit doesn’t need to be refrigerated, and it’s a delicious, healthy snack. Pick your favorite fruit, and it’s probably available dried out.


Rolled oats, nuts and honey, oh my. Granola is one of the best hiking snacks because it’s easy to eat, and it doesn’t go bad through any climate conditions. Like trail mix, granola can be homemade or store bought, and either way it’s a good option. There are many variations of granola to choose from, so each person can make or buy the exact taste of granola they want.

Crackers, Goldfish, pretzels and more

Catching on to a theme? Snacks that don’t go bad are the best way to go, and having salty snacks like crackers, Goldfish and pretzels will really hit the spot on a long hike. Similar to the other hiking snack options, there are many variations of these three snacks, so you can get whatever flavor or brand of crackers, Goldfish and pretzels you want. 

Tuna, jerky and other packaged meat

Protein is essential to stay healthy and keep up your energy on a hike, so dry meats are a good source of protein to have. Typically, meat has to be kept in the refrigerator, but there are some tunas, jerkys and other meats that don’t need refrigeration to stay good. Dehydrated meats are the best option, because you can rip open the package and dive right in without any cooking necessary. Jack Link’s beef jerky comes in many flavors and cuts of meat, so they’re a great option for a hike, and Starkist carries packages of tuna that just needs water added to have the perfect package of tuna. Dehydrated and other packaged meats are a great source of protein and a good way to keep from getting hungry on a hike. 

Vegetables and hummus 

If you take fruit on a hike, you have to incorporate some vegetables too. Carrots, broccoli and bell peppers are all great vegetables to take on a hike, but the best vegetable to take is seaweed. It’s lightweight, full of good vitamins and minerals and will last a long time. It’s good raw or mixed with other foods like soups of a vegetable platter. It seems like an unlikely snacking option, but seaweed is the way to go for a long hike. 


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