It’s been a couple years in the making to get Lizzo the popularity she has now. But now, she is rightfully No. 1 on Billboard magazine’s Hot 100 record chart with her single “Truth Hurts,” and fans could not be happier. There are many reasons why “America’s Next Bop Star” should get the most respect, and not just because she made it to No. 1.

She is a classically trained flautist

Lizzo was in marching band in high school and played through college at the University of Houston, where she studied classical flute performance. Most of her songs have flute numbers, and she plays in most of her live performances. 

She was the first performer to play a flute on the BET Awards stage when she performed this year, which received a standing ovation from Rihanna. That, along with her mind blowing range while singing and flawlessly rapping, make her a true queen and worth the money to see live.

She is an inspiration to women everywhere

Lizzo has struggled throughout her life and career. Her father died when she was 21, and she was homeless. It was during that time she used her music as therapy to accept and love herself for who she is. 

Her most empowering songs are geared towards self-love, like her 2016 release “Good As Hell” that encourages women to do what makes them happy. She is unapologetic in all of her songs and tells it like it is, which everyone can benefit from when life gets tough.

Her lyrics made it into a Marvel comic

As if being a Lizzo fan and a Marvel fan separately wasn’t enough, Marvel merged the two together, making fans crazy. The lyrics to “Good As Hell” were featured in Marvel’s “Unstoppable Wasp” series when the main protagonist received a call and her ringtone was, “I do my hair toss / check my nails.” Even Lizzo was excited.

She is 100% “that bitch”

Lizzo is different from most celebrities in that she is grateful for her fans and what she has accomplished in her career. She has learned to love herself and encourages her fans to do the same. She doesn’t avoid difficult topics and conversations, and because of this, she has a massive fanbase that will only continue to grow.

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