Four episodes into the season of American Horror Story: 1984, and we’re still only on night one. There’s chaos ensuing around every corner and friends are getting stabbed in the back — figuratively and literally. 

Last week’s episode ended with the audience discovering Rita (Angelica Ross) is actually a psychology student named Donna who was responsible for releasing Mr. Jingles (John Caroll Lynch). 

After everyone was separated and desperately trying to escape, the audience also finds out that Ray (DeRon Horton) is actually a horrible person and he gets decapitated while trying to escape. 

This week’s episode shows Margaret (Leslie Grossman)’s true colors and the audience loses two of the main cast members. 

First, the audience gets a backstory into the relationship between Richard (Zach Villa) and Montana (Billie Lourde). The audience discovers the man Brooke (Emma Roberts) allegedly cheated on her husband with before their wedding was Montana’s brother. Montana, after realizing that Richard would gladly kill for her, enlists him to murder Brooke as an act of revenge. 

Xavier (Cody Fern) goes to find the cook so everyone can escape, but Jingles gets there around the same time. Bertie (Tara Karsian) tries to distract Jingles, but he finds Xavier and puts him in the oven, and then stabs Bertie nearly to death. 

Bertie, at the last second, saves a burned up Xavier from dying, and begs him to kill her so she can be put out of her misery. He agrees, and suddenly the group has one less cast member. 

Everyone is still trying to find a way out, but with little luck. Brooke gets caught in a trap, and when Richard shows up to kill her, there’s an epic showdown between The Night Stalker and Mr. Jingles. 

Jingles ultimately wins, killing Richard. 

Meanwhile, Chet (Gus Kenworthy) is trying not to bleed out due to his shoulder injury and Trevor (Matthew Morrison) goes to find Margaret.

A few minutes before Trevor finds Margaret, she has an encounter with Jingles. It is revealed that Margaret is actually the murderer, and framed the entire crime on Jingles. After so much shock therapy and time alone in the asylum, he believed it to be true. Margaret shoots Jingles and leaves him for death, just as Trevor shows up. 

However, Margaret isn’t done killing. 

“Holy s---, you did it,” Trevor said. “You killed him.”

“Yeah,” Margaret said. “Right after he killed you.”

With that, Margaret stabbed Trevor and suddenly the show is down another cast member. However, when Margaret turns around, Jingles is gone. 

The episode ends with Richard being resurrected somehow, and the rest of the group finds their last chance of escape by vehicle to be burned to a crisp. 

With all of the twists and turns, it’s hard to keep track of who to trust. One thing’s for sure though, Mr. Jingles deserves justice after being brutally abused in the asylum for a heinous crime he did not commit. 

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American Horror Story: 1984 airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.


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