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Meet the “Doctor Dogs” who can sniff out diseases; OU has experienced a decrease in transfer students

Today is Monday, Oct. 7, 2019. Here’s what you need to know:

Good morning,

Dogs around the world are successfully sniffing out life-threatening diseases. These dogs are able to detect malaria, Parkinson’s disease, cancer and other health issues. 

Dogs have been training in San Juan Island, Washington, through a non-profit called Pads for Parkinson’s, and other research centers have been training dogs in England, Canada, Japan, China and other countries around the world.

The dogs are trained by sniffing out different canisters that have the T-shirts of non-Parkinson’s patients and one canister with the T-shirt of a person with Parkinson’s.

The fact that diseases have scents is a relatively new discovery. While humans have 6 million olfactory sensors, dogs have 300 million, which gives them a huge advantage in sniffing out diseases over humans.

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