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5 of the best spots around Athens to watch the Homecoming parade

The Homecoming parade is an important part of Homecoming week for Ohio University students and alumni alike. If you find yourself stuck behind people in the crowd while watching the parade, you are bound to miss the excitement of the campus organizations, the homecoming court and the Marching 110 Alumni Band. Because finding a decent place to watch can be difficult, here are the 5 best places to watch along the parade route:

Courthouse Steps

The closer to the top of the steps, the better view you will have of the parade. Not only will you not have to worry about standing behind the seemingly tallest guy in Athens, but it is relatively comfortable seating while you wait for the parade. You will also be closer to most uptown restaurants so you can beat most of the crowd to lunch. Be warned, though, this spot seems to fill up quick, so it would be best to get there early. 

Schoonover Patio

If you oversleep the morning of the parade, this spot is the best one for you. Situated above the crowds, this one gives you a birds-eye-view of the very end of the parade. This spot is also fairly close to Court Street, although you will probably be the last ones to leave the parade, as this spot is at the end of the parade route. 

Union Street near the Central Classroom Building

The parade starts further down Union Street, so you will be the first one to see the parade with the parade participants still full of energy and enthusiasm. Being the first to see the parade start also means you will be the first to see it end, and with Union Street Diner very close by, you will be able to beat the crowds to lunch. 

Bentley Steps

This watching spot is another one for comfort and a good view of the parade. Situated towards the beginning of the parade and close to uptown, this spot is close to all the action of the parade. If you did not get enough the first time through, it would be easy to cut across College Green and watch the parade a second time. You can also get to Tailgreat Park quickly after the parade, and this spot is close to the Richland Avenue bridge as well. 

Top of the Athens Parking Garage

This spot is perfect if you want to see all the parade from up above—six floors up to be exact. Obviously, you would have to pay to park here in one of the 270 open spots and fight for a place along the edge to watch. If you are big on getting all the candy and handouts from the parade, this spot probably would not be the best option. 


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