You procrastinated your Halloween costume again, now what? Don’t fret, there’s still time to pull together a spooky ensemble with minimal effort. When it comes to last-minute costumes, never shy away from a classic. Embrace the cowboy hats, athletic jerseys and cat ears because odds are you probably already have the staple items to pull off these easy looks. You may catch ten other people sporting the same outfit, but let's face it: mediocre effort is better than none at all. 

With the help of some DIY skills, a pair of scissors and old closet items, coming up with a last-minute costume doesn’t have to be the scariest thing about Halloween this year. Here are six easy and trendy last-minute Halloween costume ideas:

Powerpuff Girls

Sugar, spice, and everything nice. The Powerpuff Girls has remained a ’90s pop culture favorite since its Cartoon Network debut over 20 years ago. There are plenty of costumes available for purchase, but if you’re running low on time this is a perfect DIY option. Get nostalgic this Halloween and channel your favorite supergirl trio: Blossom (pink), Buttercup (green) and Bubbles (blue). 

For Blossom, sport a pink outfit with a red bow. For Bubbles, think all things baby blue and tie the look off with her signature pigtails. For Buttercup, be the spiciest of the trio with shades of green and a black belt. Forget the Chemical X because you only need two of your best friends and 15 minutes to craft this iconic look.

Salt and pepper duo

Nothing screams “I made this last minute” like the easiest DIY Halloween costume: salt and pepper. This look is popular amongst couples and friends, and is sure to be a laugh at any Halloween party. Instead of going out and purchasing the costume, make it in the comfort of your home with items you most likely have on hand. At the bare minimum, wear a solid black or white T-shirt and a giant “S” or “P.” Shake things up even more by adding a foil hat to top off the look.

Freddie Mercury at Live Aid

If you don’t have a costume in mind, why not be a champion this Halloween as Freddie Mercury in one of his most recognizable looks? Bohemian Rhapsody perfectly captured Mercury’s famous 1985 Live Aid performance as well as his iconic outfit — consisting of a white tank top, light blue jeans, Adidas Sambas and a studded black belt. You may not have time to grow his signature mustache, but look to your nearest costume store to pull off the look. 

’70s flower child

This Halloween, party like it’s 1970. Show off your inner hippie and flower child by throwing it back to the decade dedicated to flare jeans, tie-dye, peace-signs, circular sunglasses and flower crowns. The timeless theme is the perfect last-minute option that you can whip up with items from your closet. If not, odds are a local thrift store will have vintage clothing that will perfectly capture a funky vibe. If you have delayed your costume decision as “far out” as possible, go the hippie route. 

Regina George

In honor of the 15th anniversary of Mean Girls, sport one of the most iconic Regina George (Rachel McAdams) looks that’s seriously so fetch. As Halloween falls on a Thursday this year, forget about wearing pink and opt for the classic exposed bra outfit. Luckily, this is the easiest DIY costume and only requires a white tank top with two circles cut out, a purple bra underneath and a black skirt (skip the heels). Make the outfit all the more “grool” by walking around with the iconic pink scrapbook. In the meantime, practice your best “get in loser, we're going shopping.”

Post Malone 

Post Malone never fails to be one of the most popular and recognizable costumes each Halloween. Thankfully, his signature look can be easily achieved with full eyebrows, an oversized flannel, braided hair, gold chains and teeth grillz. The “Better Now” rapper can be mastered with his famous tattoos: ”Always Tired” underneath his right and left eyes, and “Stay Away” above right his right eyebrow. Brace yourself for a night full of debates over if he’s attractive or not.