Though everyone is focused on the MLB’s World Series this week, This Is Us is following a different sport: golf. 

Last week’s episode ended with a cliffhanger revolving teenage Kate (Hannah Zeile)’s first real go around at love. 

This week’s episode takes a departure from the kids’ teenage years and instead focuses on young Randall (Lonnie Chavis) learning about his place in the world and about the game of golf with Jack (Milo Ventimiglia)’s help, Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Toby (Chris Sullivan) finding their romantic spark again and Kevin (Justin Hartley) having an unexpected interaction with Cassidy (Jennifer Morrison).

Randall is heavily inspired by his teacher at school, Mr. Lawrence (Brandon Scott). Jack begins to feel inadequate because Mr. Lawrence can provide information for Randall about their race that Jack cannot. 

Jack is invited to go golfing by Rebecca (Mandy Moore)’s father, Dave (Tim Matheson). The entire day drives Jack to heavily drink, because Dave is constantly tearing him down. Dave gives Jack a speech about Rebecca’s wedding and asks him if he could see himself there. Jack replies with an even better rebuttal. 

“I’m going to marry your daughter,” Jack said. “I’m going to marry her and get a real job, buy her a real nice house with kids running on the yard. So let me ask you, do you see yourself there?”

The episode juxtaposes Jack’s golf trip with Dave and Jack’s golf trip with young Randall. The golf scenes between the father and son are the first time the audience sees Jack and Randall explore Randall’s race. Until now, Randall has seemed blissfully unaware of the reality of being black. Now, he is embarking on a journey of self-exploration with the help of Mr. Lawrence. 

Meanwhile, adult Randall is trying to win over his colleagues with a game of golf. He doesn’t play well at all and loses, ending up winning the favor of his fellow city councilmen. However, after the beautiful heart to heart with his dad, Randall became a really gifted golfer and the audience realizes he was pretending to lose.

Back in the present, Kevin and Cassie share a passionate moment after Cassie realizes her husband isn’t going to take her back. Even though they have both learned through AA meetings that starting relationships during the first year of sobriety is a bad idea, the two share a kiss and end up sleeping together. 

At the same time, Kate and Toby are having trouble sleeping together, and Kate is convinced it’s because Toby isn’t attracted to her anymore now that he has lost a lot of weight. However, Toby just had a lot on his mind and felt like Kate wasn’t happy for him that he was getting in shape. Kate decides to show him how proud she is by cutting up his old pants that don’t fit anymore, and the two end up sleeping together. 

Though not a lot of the plots from last week’s episode were explored, this week’s episode showcased the first time Randall begins to discover himself and what his background is. It’s definitely a fan favorite plot point, and hopefully, This Is Us will continue to explore this significant journey.

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