Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) solved a werewolf case that was a little too easy while Chuck (Rob Benedict) awakes Lilith (Anna Grace Barlow) to retrieve the Equalizer from the boys.  

Sam and Dean solve an extremely easy case

During last week's episode, Sam and Dean solved a vampire case while Chuck wrote the ending to his book.

The boys pick up a case in Colorado where five people died from a mountain lion. When Sam and Dean roll into town, they pose as Fish and Wildlife Agents Hammil and Ford and find the only survivor from the attack, Ashley (Anna Grace Barlow). 

Dean talks to Ashley and discovers a werewolf attacked Ashley’s friends. Sam stays with Ashley per her request until she falls up asleep, but so does Dean, which is unlike him. When Sam wakes him up after having gone for a food run, they drive to the werewolf’s house, where they previously poked around. They bust in after hearing Ashley’s screams and untie her. After a scuffle with werewolf brothers, Josh (Luke Camilleri) and Andy May (Markian Tarasiuk), the case gets even more interesting. Andy takes Dean’s gun and shoots his brother and says, “He turned into a monster. And I’m a monster, too.” He then takes the gun and shoots himself in the stomach.

Chuck resurrects Lilith

After the murder-suicide, Dean asks Ashley if she’s OK, and Ashley promptly tells him not to touch her. She trips and falls on top of deer antlers, which should kill her. Then it gets really odd. She rolls her head, says, “Well, this is a bitch,” and stands up. She takes the antlers off, heals herself and reveals herself as Lilith.  

According to Lilith, she was in the Empty when Chuck resurrected her because he wanted to her to flirt and play the damsel in distress with Dean. Her mission was to get the Equalizer. She finds it in the glovebox and then melts it. 

It was surprising and a fun blast from the past to see Lilth come back. It feels like the show is pulling out all the stops to go out with a bang. 

Sam and Chuck could be connected

Sam continues to have dreams/visions where Dean kills Sam or vice versa. The audience sees Samifer sitting in the bunker, donning his white suit. Dean walks up behind him, says, “Please forgive me” and shoots Sam in the back of the head with the Colt. Samifer heals himself and then he burns Dean alive. In another, Sam dreams that Demon Dean, complete with the Mark of Cain, slams Sam up against the wall and slides the First Blade into Sam’s chest, effectively killing him. 

When Lilth tells Dean that Chuck has a fantasy that the story ends with the brothers killing each other, Sam makes the connection that he could be linked to Chuck because of the bullet would. Sam could be seeing Chuck’s potential endings.  

Supernatural pays tribute to its past seasons

In several instances, Supernatural paid tribute to its institution throughout the years. When Dean and Sam use their old Fish and Wildlife badges, Dean says that he hasn’t aged, a nod to the running joke in the fandom that Ackles doesn’t age in the series. 

There’s a driving sequence when the brothers are on their way to Colorado, similar to the earlier seasons. The show hasn’t shown the brothers in the car driving to a case in quite a while, so it was comforting to see the callback.

At the very beginning of the episode, Dean returns from a supply run with ghost pepper jerky, and after Sam tells him not to because ghost peppers are spicy, Dean pops the jerky in his mouth and tries to pull off the tough guy act. Sam pulls out a bottle of water and slowly twists off the cap. Dean puts up his white flag and reaches for the water, hoping to relinquish the fire in his mouth. The prank is reminiscent of the pranks the brothers used to pull on each other in the earlier seasons. Although not as elaborate as supergluing a bottle to Dean’s hand, the lighthearted fun was indeed lighthearted.

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