Sam (Jared Padalecki) helps Eileen (Shoshannah Stern) while Cas (Misha Collins) wises up and gets ready to return to the boys. 

Sam brings Eileen back from the dead  

During last week's episode, Lillith (Anna Grace Barlow) comes back and wreaks havoc 11 seasons later. 

Eileen, a hunter from seasons 11 and 12, who was killed by a hellhound temporarily owned by Ketch, appears in the bunker as a ghost. Apparently, she was in hell after the hellhound dragged her soul there, and she escaped when the rift opened. She needs help from Sam and Dean (Jensen Ackles) because she can’t stay on Earth. Ghosts get violent, and she won’t go back to hell. Sam gets an idea of creating a prison for Eileen, using Rowena’s crystals where Eileen will be safe. They go to Rowena’s apartment, and while looking for the crystals, Sam finds a spell Rowena was working on that brought the dead back using the body. 

At the end of the episode, Eileen steps into the tub as her ghost self, and when Sam says the spell, Eileen steps out of the water human. They both hug, and the audience wants to scream for them to kiss. 

Sam has witchy company

Just before Sam and Eileen were on their way back to the bunker with the spell, three witches capture Sam. The witches: a mother (Keegan Connor Tracy) and her daughters, Emily (Jodelle Ferland) and Jacinda (Alex Stuckman), have been watching Rowena’s apartment to see who could survive her hexing. Rowena left everything to Sam, so he is the only one who could walk out of apartment without dying. The witches found that out the hard way because the Jacinda is dead on the floor. The witches intend on bringing Jacinda back with the spell.

Things all work out when Dean busts through Rowena’s apartment right when Emily forces Sam to ransack her apartment for valuable items. Things seem hopeless with three witches against two hunters, but Eileen helps shove them around. A couple witch-killing bullets later, Sam, Dean and Eileen go back to the bunker to perform the spell. 

Cas solves a case on his own 

Cas is camping out in a small town, going by the name Clarence (a reference to the name Meg used to call him). When he gets wind of a body drained of blood being pulled out the lake, his spidey senses are tingling. After impersonating the FBI, he gets his hands on the case files, and he maps out the disappearances of other boys in the area. 

A local boy, Caleb, is missing, and his mother, Melly (Jennifer Spence), is determined to find him. She leads Cas to the spot of a decommissioned mine where Caleb is because he hurt his ankle. The sheriff comes out of the wood, and his eyes turn blue, confirming Cas’s suspicion of a djinn. Cas kills him with his angel blade and then heals Caleb’s ankle with much effort, potentially foreshadowing Cas’ future.

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