ACACIA was taken off its cease and desist and moved to disciplinary probation on Dec. 3 for possessing or providing false and misleading information.

The probation will last until Dec. 3, 2021.

If the fraternity has other Student Code of Conduct violations, it could be placed on disciplinary suspension or disciplinary expulsion.

ACACIA was placed on cease and desist Sept. 30 for two hazing reports, according to a previous Post report.

There are four sanctions that ACACIA must meet, according to an email to the fraternity from the associate director for Community Standards and Student Responsibility, Mary Kate Kennedy.

ACACIA must plan and implement a hazing prevention and education workshop for all fraternity members for both spring and fall 2020. This will be done with the Office of Community Standards and Student Responsibility and the office of Sorority and Fraternity Life, according to the email.

The workshop will focus on hazing, power dynamics and recognizing the values of the fraternity. At least 90% of current and new members have to be present.

ACACIA also has to implement alcohol, mental health, drug and safety workshops for all members in the spring and fall semesters of 2020. Both active members and pledges must attend both trainings and, again, at least 90% of the overall chapter must be there.

The last sanction for ACACIA is to create an orientation action plan for their new member process, which should be led by the entire executive board. This is a week-by-week plan for new members from bid acceptance to initiation. The plan should list where the events will be held and what will happen at each event.

A chapter officer must meet with Kennedy at least once a semester until ACACIA is off of probation. These meetings will consist of updates about the new member education plan.