Fry'd Fries will be bringing an array of french fries and other fried products to Court Street in January 2020, with the grand opening expected to be January 24.

The restaurant will be located at 5 N. Court Street and will serve hand-cut french fries and sweet potato fries as well as tater tots and funnel cake fries, which are vegan. 

The fried goods will come in a variety of sizes, including buzzed, a small; baked, a medium; and blazed, a large. The restaurant will also offer around 20 dipping sauces and other various fry toppings.

Prices range from $3.69 to $8.59, with a buzzed, fresh-cut fry priced at $3.69, a buzzed sweet potato fry or tater tots at $4.09, and a buzzed funnel cake fry at $5.59. The price of sauces is included in each order, with customers receiving one sauce with a buzzed order, two sauces with a baked order and three sauces with a blazed order.

The restaurant is convenient for those who want to take their fries to leave since they are served in a cone, Myles Cutler, a senior at OU studying sports management and marketing who is also the founder and CEO of the business, said. The restaurant will also be convenient for those who want to dine in, with tables featuring holes for the cones to sit in.

“It's all about the good vibes and great fries,” Cutler said. “It is very much of a ’70s type of concept, though we're very friendly to people who are open to marijuana.”

Cutler said he got the idea on a family trip to Amsterdam.

“When we were in Amsterdam, we saw these french fries shops on every single corner,” Cutler said. “When we got back here, I was with some of my friends, and we were talking about cool ideas and whatnot, and everybody loved it. I called my dad. I said that we should really do this here and … he was all on board.”

The inspiration from the name comes from the restaurant’s good vibes and great fries, Cutler said, but the irony of the name also played a factor.

“People say ‘Wow, like I'm fried’ … or ’Do you want to go get fried?’ and it actually becomes a double entendre,” Cutler said.

Fry'd will also be offering different ways of selling its product, Cutler said.

“We'll have people walking around Court Street on the weekend with iPads, taking people's orders, and then it'll be ready for them when they get here. We will be the only business on Court Street that does that,” Cutler said.

The restaurant will also be offering online and mobile ordering platforms.

In what Cutler refers to as phase two for the business, he has plans of offering text to pay, which would have Fry'd as the only business in the world to do so. He also has other plans for phase two.

“We will also potentially in phase two be looking to do kiosks in our store where the customer can input the order themselves on a digital screen in the store,” Cutler said. “Rather than having to talk to an employee more, we could actually have some of these kiosks in the bars, and we could talk to some of the bars on doing a little bit of revenue sharing, and hopefully making us some money and them some money and we can get their customers some great food as well.”

Many students are excited about the prospect of a new innovative restaurant.

“I'll definitely be going,” Anya Bartek, a freshman studying nursing, said. “I'm excited because I like french fries, and I like new restaurants.”

Others are wary of another restaurant selling french fries.

“We have a lot of places that sell fries,” Bridget Wright, a fourth-year graduate student studying communication sciences and disorders, said. “I mean, if they're special, that would be cool.” 

Cutler hopes to open a second location and expand his business as quickly as possible.

“I'm trying to be as innovative and cutting edge as possible, bringing the new generation to our target market,” Cutler said.