Student Senate heard from Ohio University’s Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration Wednesday regarding athletic revenue and enrollment decline at the university. 

Deb Shaffer began meeting with a presentation about some of the university’s finances. 

Members of Senate were informed that OU has an about $30 million budget for the athletic program. About $20 million of that budget is funded by the university's unrestricted fees

Shaffer continued her presentation by informing Senate members about the approximately 3,000 student enrollment decline and what the decline means for the budget.

“We have a responsibility to our students to adjust our expenses, to meet what the reality is of what revenue and the students we have here,” Shaffer said. “We have to deliver an education and our alternative is to increase and get more revenue.” 

After several questions were fielded about whether or not the decrease of academic programs would aid the budget, Jason Pina, vice president for student affairs, addressed members of the Senate. 

Pina said the university invested in more campus services to aid the well-being of students and that they are working to add more employees to those services.

Following Shaffer’s presentation, Senate heard from Clerk of Court Makayla Fritinger about the marketing plan for student senate elections.

Fritinger informed members that beginning on Feb. 3, television campaign advertisements will be aired for the upcoming Student Senate election.

Two bills were voted on at the meeting, only one of which passed. 

A Senate Bill supporting the university’s financial decisions and continued partnership, failed, while a bill demanding a realignment of Ohio University’s priorities to academic quality, passed.