It happens almost every day — I’ll be scrolling through Facebook, trying to read my news, when an article from news source The Onion comes up. 

Now, I consider myself to be well versed in news, but The Onion has never once published an article that is true. It publishes inflammatory pieces and in an age where “fake news” is such a hot topic, I can’t see how they keep getting away with it. 

Don’t get me wrong, I think there’s some great journalism being done over at The Onion, like this fantastic piece about the Democratic National Convention’s $500 million election pencil. It’s good to know everything is still on the up and up at the DNC, but other pieces are just inexcusable. 

The Onion’s blatant disregard for facts puzzles me. On every post, there’s “laugh” reactions, as though the post is a joke. But the news source’s regard for disinformation deems it should be shut down. Reputable sources like Fox News are routinely cast aside as “partisan,” but The Onion’s coverage of elections and other political news is trusted largely by Millennials and Generation Z. 

But perhaps its most egregious disregard for standard media ethics is its lack of diversity when gathering public opinion. The same local man is contacted to comment on nearly every major issue. 

Who is this man? Where is he local to? This constant use of the same local white man offers nearly nothing. 

Mark Zuckerberg, this cannot stand. I use your application for pleasure and information. The fact that such an account is still allowed to operate on your platform is simply unacceptable. 

Moreover, why isn’t the U.S. Congress discussing such an important matter? I see tons of headlines about how both chambers are having social media entrepreneurs testify in front of particular committees, but nowhere is there any concern for the bad actor that is The Onion.

I call on Congress to form an “Onion” Committee at once to discuss this matter. Otherwise, you can say goodbye to my recurring $1 monthly donations. 

The Onion must be stopped at all costs. I’m prepared to whip out my chopping board. Are you?

The Post-Political is a satire column. 

Shelby Campbell is a junior studying strategic communications, Noah Wright is a junior studying strategic communications and Matthew Geiger is a freshman studying economics at Ohio University. 

Please note that the views and opinions of the columnists do not reflect those of The Post. 

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