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It’s only been one week since the series finale of ‘The Good Place,‘ but audiences are already missing the show. (Photo provided via @emilycschwartz on Twitter)

Here are the top 3 moments from the first season of ‘The Good Place’

It’s been one week since The Good Place ended, and audiences already miss the show. Even though Mike Schur and the rest of the show’s creators are done making new episodes, it’s important for audiences to reminisce on the good times. To celebrate one week since the series finale, here are the top three episodes and moments from season one of The Good Place:

“The Eternal Shriek” - Chidi kills Janet 

(Season 1, Episode 7)

Everyone knew that The Good Place was a clever show. This episode not only solidified this, but also pretty much invented comedy when Chidi (William Jackson Harper) and Eleanor (Kristen Bell) are trying to kill Janet (D’Arcy Carden) so that Michael (Ted Danson) doesn’t have to go into retirement. 

As Eleanor and Chidi each try to approach the kill switch, Janet is programmed to beg for her life. She assures them that the pleading isn’t real and that it’s just programmed, but every time they try to kill her, they get hung up on the pleading. This scene is quite literally one of the funniest moments in the entire show, and truly is a testament to the quality of the show. 

“Chidi’s Choice” - Janet and Jason’s marriage 

(Season 1, Episode 10)

Janet has been a staple of The Good Place for not only being one of the most iconic characters in a television series, but also for her immense character development. However, before she gained all of the emotional depth she possessed by the final season, she was extremely robotic during the first season. 

This is what makes it especially hilarious when Janet agrees to get married to Jason (Manny Jacinto). The two have a very abrupt wedding where Jason reads a love poem in place of vows and Janet thanks him for being kind to her after she was being rebooted. Janet declares that they’re married, and Jason awkwardly and hilariously tries to feed Janet wedding cake, which she can’t eat. The whole episode is great, including Chidi’s decision between three different women as his soulmate, but the Janet and Jason content is absolutely perfect.

“Michael’s Gambit” - The big plot twist 

(Season 1, Episode 13)

There was not an audience member in sight who didn’t echo Eleanor’s sentiments of “Holy Motherforking Shirtballs” by the end of the first season finale. This episode brought one of the best and most interesting plot twists of all time, where the core four learn they’ve actually been in the bad place for the entire season, but it was disguised as the good place. The form of torture was meant to be so infuriating, and it proved to be successful until they eventually figured it out. The performance from Danson in this episode is absolutely perfect in every way, and the episode as a whole was a phenomenal set up for the next season. 


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