Molly Schramm, the current editor of The Beat, will be The Post’s next editor-in-chief.

Schramm was selected Thursday afternoon after presenting to The Post Publishing Board. She said she is really excited and is still taking everything in, but enthusiastic about next year. 

“As editor I really want to have a digital-driven mindset,” Schramm said.

She also said she wants to focus on innovation and what to do to make already great articles even better.

Schramm said she believes her experience as editor of The Beat will help her as editor-in-chief.

“At least the past two or so years, the editor-in-chief has always come from a news background so I sort of come from a completely different background,” she said. “I think I come with sort of, not necessarily different, but refreshing takes on things.”

Schramm said she wants the staff to be as motivated as possible.

“I want us all to be excited to work at The Post, for such a great publication,” she said. “We should be so thankful we have this opportunity to work for such a great publication.”

Ellen Wagner, the current editor-in-chief, said Schramm has great ideas for next year.

“She really wants to expand on things we started here this year so I think it'll be really interesting to see her to continue to grow The Post,” Wagner said.

Wagner said she thinks Schramm’s ideas to be digitally driven is a good direction to go in and will get even more people interested and reading.

“I think she's gonna work really well with everyone on staff,” Wagner said. “She's a really easy person to get along with and she's a hard worker and I know she's just going to keep continuing to do that.”