Student Senate met in an online meeting Wednesday evening where students discussed new grading procedures for this semester.

Satisfactory grading procedures will be allowed for passing or failing classes this spring semester, President Lydia Ramlo said. 

Passing a class through this satisfactory grading system means if you get an A through a D-, students will receive credits for the class but their GPA won’t be affected. This won't be available for all classes, but will be available for Tier one and two courses, according to Ramlo. 

Ramlo talked to Ohio University President Duane Nellis Wednesday, acknowledging that it’s a great option for students. This grading style will not be mandatory for students. 

This follows a petition that was signed with almost 4,000 signatures, according to poll results. 

“It’s been slightly different,” Ramlo said. “”It’s more difficult setting a balance between school work and life.”

Though schooling has been a difficult transition for Ramlo, she believes that the university’s priority is still in students.

When asked if there’s been any discussions of tuition decreases since the transition to schooling has been moved to online, Ramlo said nothing has been discussed at the moment. 

Though tuition refunds haven’t been discussed, the university is moving forward with its 18 million dollar refund with Housing and Culinary services next week. This will give students a refund if they lived in residence halls or had a meal plan through the university. 

Also at Student Senate, Vice President of Student Affairs Jason Pina gave updates on housing and residence life situations after move outs. 

Over 200 students are staying in residence halls for the rest of the semester, along with 60 staff members. 

Over 4,000 student employees will be able to have alternate employment methods, per job location, according to Pina. 

“We are committed to make sure students have employment opportunities,” Pina said.

The university is also in the process of closing down Baker Center due to the virus, Pina said. 

Dean of Students Jenny Hall-Jones wanted to let students know that despite social media posts, university offices are still open digitally, including Counseling and Psychological Services. 

“All of our offices are still open,” Jones said. “Everyone is still working.” 

Ramlo wants to assure students that the Student Senate is there to listen. 

“Do your best to be patient,” Ramlo said. “Don’t be afraid to reach out to CPS. We’re here to support each other as Bobcats.”