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Carol deals with the aftermath of Alpha’s death during Sunday’s episode of ‘The Walking Dead.’ (Photo provided via @TellTaleTV_ on Twitter)

TV Review: ‘The Walking Dead’ characters grapple with Alpha’s death during Sunday’s episode

Following the reveal two episodes ago that Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) was working with Carol (Melissa McBride) to kill Alpha (Samantha Morton), this episode found our characters, once again, at a stand-still.

Despite promising Negan she would vouch for him if he killed Alpha, Carol insisted he didn’t kill her quickly enough. Instead, she ran off to be alone and is haunted by the ghost of Alpha, who reminds her of all the children and people that have died because of Carol.

When she entered a shack and fell through the floor, Carol barely survived a walker attack before saying, “it’s never too late,” suggesting she will likely head to Alexandria.

Meanwhile, Negan went off to find Lydia (Cassady McClincy) but stumbled upon Daryl (Norman Reedus) instead. Daryl wanted to kill Negan, who explained that he had been working with Carol all along. The Whisperers had taken back Alpha’s head, with Beta (Ryan Hurst) using part of her face to repair his mask.

With Alpha’s head missing, Daryl was still suspicious of Negan, when Whisperers appeared and said Negan was the next Alpha since he killed Alpha. In a fake-out, Negan quickly killed the Whisperers and told Daryl that he liked his time with them, but they killed too many innocent people, especially kids.

Finally, Eugene (Josh McDermitt) told everyone of the woman he had been talking to and set off on a quest to meet her. Once in the city, the group discovered walkers chained up and dressed in costumes, with an eccentric woman appearing and screaming, “Oh my god, hi!”

Here’s how audiences reacted to the episode on Twitter:


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