Two Feet released his debut album, Pink, which is full of his melancholy vocals and guitar tones, but is delivered in less of a basic pop manner.

Bill Dess, known musically as Two Feet, is known largely for his hit 2017 track “I Feel Like I’m Drowning.” His debut album, though, highlights instrumentals even more, and its songs gradually grow over the length of the song rather than a basic, repetitive pop chorus. Pink holds a mixture of acoustic sounds and electronica sounds.

While teasing the album, Two Feet released several tracks from it, including “Intro,” “Pink,“ “BBY,” “You?” and “Grey.” One of the hottest tracks on Pink, “Lost the Game,” was actually released in 2018 along with “I Want It.”

Two Feet has one of the most signature guitar tones in the alternative scene, and it is similar to that of The xx. Dess told ABC News Radio that he was inspired profoundly by the late Jeff Buckley in the way he delivers his instrumentation.

“BBY” begins with a strong guitar solo before Dess sings one line, “Tell me what you want, what you need from me, baby.” After this line, the beats and the way the vocals are chopped throughout them sound very EDM-esque. 

“Call Me, I Still Love You” is slightly over one minute long, and contains Dess playing guitar in a melancholy manner, unaided by any vocals. Though the song is only instrumental, it pops out in the album, and the guitar’s tone perfectly aligns with the mood of the title of the song.

Two Feet is famous for his moody songs that easily get listeners in their feels. The song that gives the biggest in-my-feelings vibe is undoubtedly “44 Lies,” with its repetitive “Wherever you go / Wherever you need me,” lyric. Dess is expressing to a lover that he is willing to do anything to maintain a relationship, even though mistakes were made in the past.

Dess brings up feelings from the past, singing, “Forty-four lies / Told in your twenties / Keep you alive / Made you feel empty.”

As Dess is clearly speaking directly to a certain someone throughout the album, he seems to have named the lover in “Maria,” in which his sensual tone highlights his heartbreak over the fact that the girl he loves is with another man. Dess reveals his feelings with this soulful tune.

Dess soulfully expresses his heartbreak, singing “And oh, oh, oh, I don't wanna think it through / 'Cause there's nothing I can do tonight / And oh, oh, oh, while you're getting in this bed / I'm alone without a friend tonight.”

A more upbeat song on the album is “We Will Be Alright,” where Dess expresses optimistic thoughts whilst strumming the guitar. As like the other songs on the album, he is speaking to someone he loves about their past and how he views their future.

Dess optimistically sings, “Because we will love through time / And I want you by my side / And I need you 'til I die / I promise we'll be alright.”

Two Feet created a new sound without ditching his signature style of instrumentals and vocals. Pink is a mixture of both repetitive, catchy choruses and artistic changes throughout songs. The album relies strongly on production to drive the mood throughout the piece. The only element noticeably missing is more versatility and experimentation.

Rate: 3.5/5