There is no denying that being isolated in quarantine is nothing less than lamentable. Fortunately for fans of The Bachelor franchise, there is one positive thing blossoming and occurring to keep fans smiling and hopeful: Former bachelorette Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron have been quarantining together in Cameron’s hometown, Jupiter, Florida. 

It seems as if everyone — not just Bachelor Nation — are stans of the couple. If for some peculiar reason there is a select few who are not familiar with the two, the story is simple. Brown foolishly picked a man by the name of Jed Wyatt, whose only apparent traits include singing dog food jingles and lying, over Cameron’s gentleman-like, charming self.

Nonetheless, it was evident Brown knew she had made a mistake after breaking off the engagement with Wyatt and proceeding to ask Cameron on a date. After accepting, Bachelor fans were disappointed to see the romance flop shortly after when Cameron began dating the notorious model, Gigi Hadid. However, Cameron and Hadid eventually cordially split.

To the likes of Bachelor Nation, it seems as if the spark between the former bachelorette and runner up is far from extinguished. Brown made herself at home with both Cameron and his younger brother Ryan, after the death of their mother. Assumedly, Brown was there to comfort him through times of tragedy, only to leave and return days later, staying longer than anyone could have imagined. 

Currently, Brown is quarantined with friends of Ryan and Tyler, including Matt James, Kate Dooley, Jacob Laham and Olivia Faria. The seven of them have dubbed themselves “The Quarantine Crew.” The Crew has even gone as far to make an Instagram handle (@thequarantinecrew) and a TikTok account (@thequarantinecrew). 

Brown and Cameron can be found doing TikTok dances, challenges and simply having fun together on both accounts. Those who have speculated, claim they could merely just be friends, but Bachelor fanatics refuse to accept this as the case. 


What a gentleman, pulling the seat out for me. @tylerjcameron3

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THE CLOSEST* Tyler has ever gotten to getting in my pants. ##fyp ##fliptheswitch ##lifeathome @katedooley0 @olivia.faria @tylerjcameron3

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@thequarantinecrew the men need to work on their dance moves...I'll try to whip them into shape.What dances do y'all wanna see next? ##foryoupage ##fyp

♬ original sound - hannahkbrown

Though there has been no confirmation of a relationship, fans are assuming there is no way Cameron and Brown have resisted getting cozy, seeing how steamy their on-screen romance was. 

Here’s how Twitter reacted to easily the most favorable part of quarantine;