The Jonas Brothers are feeding their fans with a two song bundle on XV.

The bundle includes the group’s two new singles “X,” which was featured at the end of their concert documentary, Happiness Continues, and “Five More Minutes,” which was previewed during their 2020 Grammy performance.

“X” features Grammy Award-winner Karol G and an undeniably flirtatious sound that captivates the audience’s ear, as they sing, “Kiss me like your ex is in the room.”

The song is juxtaposed with the tender and loving “Five More Minutes,” where the brothers beg for a little more time as they sing, “Baby, I’m not finished loving you / I don’t want to end it when we’re only just beginning / Give me five more minutes.”

Audiences are in love with the two singles and are so happy with all of the Jonas Brothers content they’ve been getting lately. 

Here’s how audiences reacted on Twitter: