After defying expectations, getting the band back together, releasing a new album and documentary and going on tour all within a 12-month period, the Jonas Brothers released Happiness Continues as a way to document and recap what it’s experienced. 

The concert documentary, exclusively on Amazon Prime video, follows the Happiness Begins tour with behind the scenes looks into the brothers’ experiences during the tour and insight they had about themselves as a group.

Joe, Nick and Kevin all share their pre-show routines, what it was like coming back together, why they didn’t work in the first place and why they’re all so much happier together now. 

Showcasing them singing new songs like “Rollercoaster” and older songs like “Year 3000,” Happiness Continues is a love letter to the beginning of a new age of the Jonas Brothers — and a much happier one at that. 

Though they were all quite excited about getting back together and going on this tour, effectively mending their broken relationship, they mostly were concerned about the impact they’d have on their audience. They hoped more than anything to create an inspirational story of connection and, obvious as it may sound, happiness.

“I hope that we mean something to people,” Nick said. “That it’s bigger than the music. That it’s bigger than a hit or a song on the radio or a sold-out tour. But that when it’s all said and done, that we meant something to people, that they felt connected to us and that we made them proud.”

And proud they were. Audiences loved the tour and the concert film alike, with the response on social media being heavily positive. 

Here’s how audiences reacted on Twitter: