G-Eazy has officially dropped his experimental album, Everything’s Strange Here, in which he reveals another side to himself as he introduces his singing voice and includes several samples and covers.

G-Eazy gained some popularity in 2010 through his SoundCloud tracks and after opening for huge artists, including Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg. He later caught mainstream attention in 2012 with his first studio album, Must Be Nice. He later gained massive popularity and peaked in sound with his 2014 release of These Things Happen, which features highly favored artists, such as E-40 and A$AP Ferg. The album included the bulk of his most iconic tracks, such as  “I Mean It (feat. Remo),” “Lotta That (feat. A$AP Ferg & Danny Seth)” and “Tumblr Girls (feat. Christoph Andersson).”

Although this release is different from G-Eazy’s typical releases, he is not done rapping. Originally, he was supposed to release These Things Happen Too before the experimental album. In an Instagram post in May, he expressed his feelings about Everything’s Strange Here and how it came to be. “This project is a representation of where my heart and head have been at. It’s honest and pure - it’s me. Take it or leave it - this is how I feel,” he said in the post.

Everything’s Strange Here opens up with G-Eazy’s rendition of The Korgis’ 1980 track “Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime” and puts his own twist to it, slowing it down and adding an intro and outro of him mumbling and laughing with a girl.

“Back To What You Knew” is an inside look into the mind of Gerald. He shares his feelings on a love interest that failed in the past, and when they tried to rekindle as grown adults, it still didn’t end well. This is a situation that many people encounter in relationships: longing for someone because of a few good times together, but once together again, toxicity runs in. As many people who follow celebrity gossip know, most of G-Eazy’s relationships don’t exactly end well.

G-Eazy gets sentimental on just how difficult love can be, “And I wish this s--- would just go away / Would just go away, would just go away, yeah / But that s--- isn't how love works / I guess that's why they say love hurts.”

“All The Things You’re Searching For (feat. Kossisko & Ashley Benson)” is the hopeless romantic song we all needed. The “Where is My Mind?” by the Pixies sample is the perfect loop to keep the listener hooked. As many people talk about G-Eazy and Benson as a couple, having her featured on a song about hopes and nerves while entering a new relationship is no coincidence. Benson also appeared on G-Eazy’s cover of Radiohead’s “Creep” earlier this year.

The track is about the start of a new relationship and the hopefulness that it will succeed, “If you choose to go open up this door / You'll find yourself with more than you bargained for / Win, lose, draw, you can't even up your score / I hope you find all the things you're searchin' for.”

The past few months, G-Eazy has dropped a few covers here and there, including Radiohead’s “Creep,” The XX’s “VCR” and Bob Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice.” Included on his new project is a cover of David Bowie’s “Lazarus.” G-Eazy’s favorite artists and musical inspirations are reflected through the songs he chooses to cover.

“Had Enough” is basically G’s diss track toward ex-girlfriend Halsey, whose album Manic was mostly outing him as a misogynistic and gaslighting liar, most notably on the track “You Should Be Sad.” G-Eazy kept mostly quiet for the past two years as Halsey expressed claims through social media and her music, sharing how badly he treated her. “Had Enough” is G finally letting out all of his emotions from the relationship, and he seems to be playing the victim card in this one.

G-Eazy unleashes his side of the story with loads of lyrics on the track, including “All them lies that you was tellin' on me / Hopin' I lose, you hope an L is on me / She would tell anybody, she'd go and tell her homie / She would go on TV, she'd go on Ellen on me.” 

All in all, G-Eazy’s experimental album is no worse than most artists who dip their toes in other genres. Some would even say they prefer the less misogynistic, deeper side of him. The fact that he covered and sampled songs by iconic artists and bands such as David Bowie, The Pixies and The Korgis shows his music taste is on point. Hopefully, he pursues to improve and build onto his singing as he continues into his musical endeavors.