Starting off the first year of college online wasn’t the experience first-year students hoped for, but now it’s time to make the best of it. Without the responsibility of attending in-person lectures, it can be a challenge to adapt to a full-time online work schedule. Here are a few ways to shape your online learning experience, wherever that may be, into the best one it can possibly be. 

Invest in your workspace 

First things first: getting out of bed before logging on to Blackboard or a Zoom call is so important. Moving out of bed and to a workspace that you love allows you to be comfortable, yet professional and will help you be more productive. Investing in your workspace doesn’t necessarily mean spending a ton of money. Print out cute pictures to hang up behind your computer or laptop, get a cushion to make your chair comfier or buy a small laptop tray for your bed if that’s where you work best. You’ll be surprised at how much more work you can get done when you love your workspace. 

Put down social media

Being successful in online courses takes a lot of self-discipline. It’s best to treat your time doing online work as if you are in a physical class setting. This means putting down your phone and not checking social media while you’re getting work done or in class. You can try to set a goal to be off your phone for an hour increment at a time, like you would during a lecture. This will keep you focused on your task at hand and help to minimize distractions. 

Getting some movement in early 

Getting some movement in early in the morning can sometimes help combat restlessness later on in the day. Instead of immediately checking your inbox when you wake up, try getting a workout in or going for a morning walk. You’re more likely to feel energized and refreshed after moving your body and then you’ll be ready to sit down and start your work for the day.

Create your work schedule the way you want

Take advantage of the flexibility that online classes allow. Some professors opted to make their courses asynchronous, which allows students to watch lectures or do the assignments whenever they want. Use this to your advantage and mold your schedule how you prefer. Make a weekday your rest day or try to get things done on weekends if those are the days you work best. As long as your work is done on time, it’s now your choice when you do it.

Change up the scenery

Lastly, If you’re finding yourself getting bored at home, sometimes it can be beneficial to change up the scenery and do your work somewhere else. Take your laptop outside if you can and enjoy the last few weeks of nice weather. If it’s a rainy day, try going to your local coffee shop to get some work done. Find what works best for you.