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Natascha and Ryan displayed the best, most passionate performance of the night. (Photo provided by @listentoyourheartabc via Instagram). 

Twitter reactions: There are no solid couples on ‘The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart’

It’s time to put chemistry to the test, rose lovers. Episode 3 picked up with the couples spending the week preparing for the first music competition of the season. The twist? Guest judges will be picking the roses -- deciding who gets to stay and who will leave the mansion. With half the season being underway, we’ve learned a few things: all the connections seem to be surface level, Sheridan must be protected at all costs and Ryan is actually Shawn Mendes’ doppelgänger. We’re here for it. 

The spin-off series certainly has its flaws with all the rapid, explained jump-cuts. But refreshingly, The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart isn’t oversaturated with drama unlike Bachelor in Paradise. Drama is still hot within the mansion; however, it feels pushed artificially by producers and has a shorter impact on the cast. 

Best cat fight: Savannah v. Julia

Our dose of drama this week was between Julia and Savannah. Julia clearly had some lingering jealousy over Brandon and projected it onto Savannah. The two shared an unfriendly chat as Julia began telling Savannah that she wanted to leave because of her “disingenuous” character (AKA I’m jealous he wants you and not me.) 

Savannah quickly reality checks Julia stating, “Who are you to sit here and say I’m being disingenuous?” She followed by telling Julia that she has no business in her relationship. Preach, girl. Julia’s best defense mechanism is “I don’t have feelings for Brandon” and we’re doing anything but buying that lie. 

Most confusing couple: 

If there’s anything that Bachelor Nation knows, it’s that some people definitely “aren’t here for the right reasons.” Bekah and Danny got the first one-on-one of the week. The couple arrived at a house in Hollywood Hills where they were dolled up and treated to a photoshoot. Not-so-surprisingly, there was a hot tub nearby! As most couples would jump at the opportunity to get close and cozy up with some make-out action, Bekah just wasn’t feeling it. 

“I think you’re incredible. It just takes me a while to get to that space where I can fall for someone,” she tells Danny. Isn’t this what you’re here for, girl? Just like that, we have another case of “I’m not ready” on the reality dating show. 

Best performance: Natascha and Ryan

Sure, Matt and Rudy set the bar high during the beginning of the competition. However, Natascha and Ryan quickly surpassed it with their electric chemistry on stage. Their cover of “Stay” by Rihanna wowed the audience and judges, and was clearly the best performance of the night. 

Natasha’s vocals were hitting notes sky high and Ryan was there to bring them back down. Other couples showed subtle affection on stage, but these two took it to another level that surpassed the rest. Guest judge and Bachelor alumni JoJo Fletcher put it best, “It was hot, it was sexy, it was passionate.” 

Here’s how Twitter reacted to the latest episode of The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart:


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