Fall is in the air at Ohio University, and unfortunately so is the coronavirus. As colder weather approaches, students are sure to see an impact from this year’s flu season, especially with COVID-19 cases in the mix. With Phase Two underway, more students have arrived on campus to continue their classes in-person. Staying healthy while living in a dorm can be a challenge when all living spaces are shared with others. Here are a few ways to maintain your health while living in a dorm:

Limit unnecessary exposure to others

It goes without saying that all recommendations made by the CDC regarding the coronavirus absolutely need to be followed. While living on campus so close to other students, it can seem unnatural to not get out of the dorm as much as possible and meet new people. In order to stay healthy, it’s more important now than ever to wear masks and avoid being around large groups of people. If you’re trying to join new clubs or make new friends, doing it virtually is the best option right now.

Exercise and eat well

Keeping up with a healthy routine of physical activity can be beneficial for overall health while also working to strengthen one’s immune system. Staying fit and active has been proven to lower the risk of getting sick. Pair this with eating fruits packed full of vitamins and antioxidants, and one will be much less likely to feel under the weather this season. 

Keep clean masks and hand sanitizer on you at all times

There’s nothing worse than getting to your destination and going to put your mask on, only to realize your mask is nowhere in sight. To be as prepared as possible, put a couple of spare masks and a bottle of hand sanitizer or cleaning wipes in your bag or purse. Masks and cleaning supplies are guaranteed to come in handy as you start back on campus.  

Optimize your sleep schedule

It’s no secret that a good night’s sleep is directly correlated with a healthy immune system. As a college student with a busy schedule, sleep can easily become a low priority. Studies have shown that shorter sleep duration can make one more susceptible to the common cold, so in order to maintain optimal health, make sure you’re getting your eight hours in each night. 

Get fresh air by taking walks often

Walking to class is now a luxury that some students wish they had. If you’re one of those students whose classes are all online, it’s a good idea to take time everyday to get outside and get some fresh air. A walk around OU’s campus this time of year is always a good idea, while boosting your immune system and your mood simultaneously. 

Keep a positive mindset

This alone won’t keep you healthy, but studies have shown that psychological stress and negativity can make you sick. Being stressed out can compromise your health and immune system, leading to sickness quicker. Stay healthy from the inside out by making your mental health a top priority. Decorate your dorm room to make it a place you love being in, spend that extra few dollars on houseplants or whatever it is that will keep you in a positive and healthy headspace.