We all know the buzz of excitement as the opening scene shines bright on the big screen, the overpriced buttery popcorn and box candy hidden in your pocket and the feeling of satisfaction as the credits roll after an excellent movie.

All are one-of-a-kind feelings that have been deeply missed since March. You won’t have to miss them any longer, as there are currently 206 theaters showing movies in Ohio. Governor Mike DeWine allowed theaters to reopen June 10, 2020. However, each theater opened at its own discretion and new movies are starting to roll out. As with any reopening during COVID-19, there are protocols to follow. The National Association of Theater Owners (NATO) created “CinemaSafe,” a program dedicated to encouraging protocols and guidelines to cultivate a safe return to beloved movie theaters. NATO is made up of 385 companies representing over 33,000 screens across the nation. 

New safety measures include mobile ticketing, modified concessions, mandatory masks, social distancing and limited capacity. Grab your popcorn and pick a seat, here are five upcoming movies you won’t want to miss:

The Way I See It (Release date: Sept. 18)

The Way I See It is coming out just in time to get you into the spirit of the upcoming election. This documentary follows well known photojournalist Pete Souza during his time as the Official White House Photographer for Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan. He captured it all and this movie provides a glimpse, from iconic scenes, to historic events, to personal moments. 

Kajillionaire (Release date: Sept. 25)

We could all use a little laughter these days, and this comedy drama will surely do the trick. Old Dolio (Evan Rachel Wood) is the only daughter of two con artists (Richard Jenkins and Debra Winger). For 26 years, Old Dolio has been scheming and scamming as training to follow her parents’ footsteps. Life as they know it is turned upside down when a poorly planned heist draws in help from a stranger (Gina Rodriguez). The film was a hit at the Sundance Film Festival this past January and will soon be at a theater near you. 

Misbehaviour (Release date: Sept. 25)

Misbehaviour screams girl power and will be a hit at your next socially distant girls night. Based on a true story, this British comedy drama focuses on the 1970 Miss World Competition. Drawing in 100 million viewers, it was the most watched TV show in the world. Newly developed Women's Liberation Movement stole the show by invading the stage during the live broadcast. Nonetheless, the results were unexpected as well. Anticipated favorite Miss Sweden (Clara Rosager) lost the title to Miss Grenada (Jennifer Hosten), the first Black woman to be crowned Miss World. Patriarchy and beauty ideals turned upside down all in one night makes for an empowering story. 

LX 2048 (Release date: Sept. 25)

LX 2048 is a science fiction drama with a fascinating plot of what hopefully will not become our future. Set in the year 2048, humans cannot go out during the daytime due to mankind's destruction of the ozone layer. Humans do everything through virtual reality systems. The world is in transition from human to artificial. Mental illness is rampant, thus there is a state issued pill. Adam Bird (James D’Arcy) defies this technological way of life as well as the pill. Heart problems arise and he finds out his time on earth is limited. With little time left, Bird is determined to find a solution and prevent an artificial clone from taking his role on earth.

 Shortcut (Release date: Sept. 25)

Looking for a spooky sci-fi horror film to get you in the Halloween mood? Well, look no further; Shortcut has it all. Five teenage classmates and their bus driver take a shortcut, which leads them down an eerie, barren road in the wild. Throw in a mysterious terrorizing creature and a psycho, and everyone must work together to fight for survival. Shortcut will keep you on the edge of your seat as you wonder if the teens will make it out alive.