Torrie Cox Jr. is a 2021 recruit out of Chaminade-Madonna prep school in Hollywood, Florida. He’s a 3-star cornerback with big play ability and comes from an NFL pedigree. Next summer, Cox will come up from the South to play for the Bobcats. But before then, Cox will enjoy his senior year of high school the best way he can: on a football field. 

Before he steps inside Peden Stadium, here’s your chance to meet future Ohio Bobcat, Torrie Cox Jr. 

The Post: Torrie, I know football runs in your family, but when did you start playing? 

T:  I started playing football when I was six for a team called the Boys and Girls Club. My dad threw me in it. 

The Post: What was your favorite moment from playing pee-wee? 

T: Probably I’d say during my 10U year. Everybody’s plan was to basically stop me. Every game I went in, I was ballin’. I led the team to the State Championship and we ended up winning. Everyone expected us going into that game to lose because the other team was way bigger than us. I remember my two touchdowns and two interceptions. The first drive of the game, they had us backed up and I took it 91 yards for a touchdown. 

The Post: So you played more than just cornerback growing up? 

T: Oh yeah, I was always the offensive guy. But you know I was an athlete, so they threw me out there on defense because I was always making plays. 

The Post: What is it like having a former NFL player as your dad and coach? 

T: At times, I won’t lie to you, it gets kind of annoying. He gives me good information all the time, but as I got older I wanted him to lay off of a little and let me play with other coaches than just him. He just wants me to put in maximum effort. 

Q: Was there ever a moment you and your dad bonded on the football field? 

The Post: I’d say during last year’s McArthur’s game. He was in the film room with me and was giving me all types of tips and things like that. When I went out there on the game field, I ended up having a really good game. He felt like ‘oh I was finally starting to listen.’ 

Q: Around what time did you realize that you were good enough to play at a higher level? 

The Post: Probably at the end of my sophomore year. To be honest, football was always fun but I never really like started thinking about college until the end of my sophomore year. 

The Post: How did your life change after you decided to take football more seriously? 

T: It changed a lot because that’s when I started putting in way more extra time into football. First it was when I was little I thought ‘I’m good, I’m talented’ I put in a little work but I’d just go out and make it happen. But the older I got, I realized it's a grind. I can’t just be sleep all day, I gotta get up and grind. 

The Post: When you started your recruitment process, what were you looking for in a school? 

T: I wanted a school that wanted me, you know? That would keep in contact and would let me know if they were interested in me. 

The Post: Was the process of finding that school fun? Or was the process stressful? 

T: It was a little bit of both. When I first came to my new school, Chaminade, it was fun because that’s when I first started to get all my offers. But I’d say when all this with COVID started happening, my recruitment slowed down and it got kind of stressful. 

The Post: What was it about Ohio University that made you think it’d be a good fit? 

T: I started doing a little research with my dad on the school and then we sat down with the whole coaching staff. After that me and my parents talked about it and realized I would have a better opportunity playing there than any other school that was contacting me. 

The Post: Who on OU’s coaching staff made an impression on you? 

T: Coach (De’Angelo) Smith. He was the one that recruited me the whole time. We had a really good relationship. He’s the cornerbacks coach too. 

The Post: The culture is going to be a lot different in Athens than it is in Florida. Are you nervous at all about your approaching culture shock? 

T: Nah, because the type of person I am I can adapt quick. I wanted to get away from Florida and experience something different. 

The Post: Have you been to Athens yet? 

T: No.

The Post: Are there any spots that you’re looking forward to checking out when you get here? 

T: Not yet, but I have a teammate up there (Joseph Habinowski) and we talk about how it is up there.