Most college students are on the verge of being broke, and if they’re not, they are more than likely only one of few. This means, most students’ first priority as to where their money is spent is not clothes, and if it is, they probably have a shopping addiction. However, with the weather changing, many are probably in need of a new wardrobe. Instead of buying new hoodies, sweatpants, etc., we’re here to help you discover four new ways you can recycle your summer clothes and layer different articles of clothing to be more fitting for the chillier months. Not only is this better for the environment, but it is also better for your bank account. 

Turn jean shorts into jeans

Though this DIY may be more difficult and time-consuming, it is more than worth it when the time comes to wear the finished product. All it takes is a couple pairs of jean shorts that either are no longer in style or no longer fit and an old pair of jeans that could use some spicing up. Cut up some patches of denim shorts and sew them on to the jeans to make for mismatched, multi-colored, trendy jeans. 

Throw a cardigan, jacket or flannel over a crop top 

While the weather still permits for clothing that can be layered, depending on how the temperature changes throughout the day, one can create a very stylish look while still coming off as not trying too hard. This look can be accomplished with a cropped basic tank or a graphic tee paired with corduroy pullovers, oversized flannels or cozy cardigans. By adding sweats, leggings or joggers, you can pull off a very casual, cute autumn look. 

Socks with Birkenstocks or slides 

Open-toed shoes, like Birkenstocks or Adidas slides, may seem like shoes that are strictly for summer, but fear not, they can be worn in the fall as well. By simply adding a pair of solid colored or funky socks underneath, the shoes can easily be worn for months well into the cooler season. 

Long sleeve or turtleneck under dresses and tanks 

A new trend that has recently gained popularity is the pairing of turtlenecks and solid colored long sleeve shirts under sheer shirts, loose tank tops and sun dresses. It is incredibly easy to pull out your favorite summer shirt or dress and wear it in the chillier months by wearing it over a more weather appropriate shirt. Another chic fit would be to grab your favorite graphic tee and throw it over a collared shirt or polo. You’ll look like a model straight out of Urban Outfitters.