Halloween is fast approaching and it’s down to the wire to find the perfect costume. The holiday will look especially different this year, since many events have been canceled due to COVID-19. While you might need to wear a mask and keep the celebrations safe this year, that does not mean the rest of your costume has to be. Here are six costumes that you and your bestie can rock this Halloween:

Euphoria’s Maddy and Cassie

Since the HBO show dropped last year, the phenomenon Euphoria has taken over. Besties Maddy Perez and Cassie Howard express their style through flashy and colorful clothing. Maddy’s carnival outfit and Cassie’s take on Alabama Warley are the most iconic and easiest pieces to create. Maddy’s outfit is a purple cut two-piece outfit, while Cassie’s includes a blue bralette and a cow print skirt. Make sure to go wild on the Euphoria makeup, use studs and glitter and you’ll be set to take on the night. 

Angel and Devil

These costumes are the most classic on this list. The devil can be in either red and black, but the best costumes will always include horns and a pitchfork. The angel is simple in white and with a shiny halo. There will be no question as to what you and your bestie are while wearing these.

Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro

This dynamic duo costume is sure to be a hit this Halloween. Both of these characters’ looks are easy to create and include pieces from your own closet. For Pedro Sanchez, all you need is a blue button-down top, a bolo tie, a pair of blue jeans and a dark mustache. For Napoleon's outfit, grab a pair of jeans, glasses and the famous “Vote for Pedro” t-shirt. Add a curly blonde wig and be sure that you and your bestie will have the funniest costume around.

Cop and Prisoner

These costumes are both simple and work for any gender duo. Create the cop look by adding a badge, hat and even a pair of handcuffs if you want to go all out. For the prisoner, orange is the new black in a bright jumpsuit or black and white striped top and bottom will do. You can also add some draw on tattoos, a chain, or a pair of handcuffs to spice up the attire. 

Cher and Dionne from Clueless

With the announcement of the Clueless reboot to TV, there’s no better way to pay homage to the film. This duo is known for their “courageous fashion efforts” and are sure to be a hit. Cher’s iconic yellow striped blazer and skirt can be paired with a pair of white knee-high socks and any colored heels. Dionne’s look will include a similar black and white blazer and skirt set with a red top underneath. If you want to go all out, add her iconic bowtie hat for a look that will make everyone “totally buggin.” 

The Office’s Jim and Dwight

“Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica.” This last costume idea is super simple and quick for ‘spooky szn.’ Jim’s outfit solely consists of a blue button-down, a tie and any color pants. Dwight’s will include a yellow shirt and tie, glasses and any color pants. For the hair, try to slick it back for Dwight and part down the middle for Jim. Make sure to add some sort of Dunder Mifflin tag to the outfit so it is easier to recognize and you’ll have a better time than Pretzel day.