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Yung Gravy released his latest album, ‘Gasanova’, on Oct. 2, 2020. (Photo provided via @yunggravy on Instagram)

Album Review: Yung Gravy's 'Gasanova' is stupid, silly and sensational

It’s the spring of 2022. COVID-19 is a distant memory, people can go to the store without masks on, and most importantly, it’s fest season in Athens. What’re you playing while pulling up to the function?

If you said Yung Gravy’s latest album, Gasanova, you’d be correct.

Gasanova is quintessential Gravy. Stupid, silly and sensational, baby. By no means should this album be a banger, but it is, and I’m here for it. Let’s take a deep dive into these tracks:

“Party at my Mama’s House”

I picked this song to start because I would play this precise track if I was pulling up to a fest. It’s got every element to a good pre-game banger. The beat is clean and fresh, Gravy’s vocals are serotonin-boosting and the lyrics are hilarious. 

The best Gravy songs are those that try something experimental, something different and unique. This track encapsulates proves it through the liberal use of saxophone and piano throughout, giving the song a fresh feeling that other producers and artists wish they could cultivate. 

And lastly, the lyrics to this track are ridiculous. Bars like “Momma rollin' big a-- blunts, we gon' pass it 'round” and “How'd I get twenty-six hoes at my momma's house?” are downright stupid and make the song stand out for its lack of seriousness.

“Tampa Bay Bustdown (ft. Chief Keef and Y2K)”

If you haven’t noticed yet, Gravy doesn’t care if you like him or not. 

“Tampa Bay Bustdown” proves that point. The song really isn’t even that good, but rather just Gravy and company having a fun time. The track, with its country type-beat, sounds like something Lil Nas X would concoct. It’s fun and doesn’t call the listener towards some deeper meaning. It’s a lot different than the other songs on the album, but I wanted to single this one out for its carefree vibe.

Gravy deserves respect for including Y2K on this track. It shows that despite his relatively newfound popularity, he still makes time for the producers who have been instrumental in his (and others) rise. Gravy knows where he came from.


There’s something about Gravy and Latin beats. When “Welcome to Chilis” dropped last year, it was phenomenal, and the artist’s first real foray into trying to rap over a Latin backing track. 

About a year later, Gravy is back at it, and this song slaps. It’s somewhat hard to articulate, but for some reason, Gravy’s vocals just feel so natural and smooth overtop of the beat. It’s the kind of song that has you tapping your feet and nodding your head for reasons you can’t explain. 

“yup!” is easily the best song on the album. It brings together every element of Gravy that makes him so special: completely random beats, hilarious lyrics and a fantastic flow. 

In a year filled with so much pain and strife, Gravy reminds us to care a little less and let loose. We all need some carefree fun, and Gasanova provides that. 

Rating: 5/5


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