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More Than a Game: Alex Smith's courageous comeback inspires on and off the field

Ever since I was little, sports have been fascinating to me. The feeling of waking up the morning of a big game or match was one of exhilaration, even if I was just merely watching the game. 

Not too long ago, while being asked why I enjoyed sports so much, someone told me that sports are “only just a game.” Ever since then, the phrase “only just a game” has stuck out to me, mainly because I believe that sports represent so much more.

There are moments in sports that are truly inspiring and can serve as motivation to all kinds of people. For example, professional football player Alex Smith’s remarkable comeback from a life-threatening injury. 

On Nov. 18, 2018, Alex Smith, quarterback for the Washington Football Team, got set behind the line of scrimmage. He received the snap from the center, just like he would on almost any other play. 

Although, this play was different.

After getting sacked by the Texans defense, Smith never got up from the ground. He laid there, putting his jersey over his face in agony. Smith had suffered a compound spiral fracture that extended from the ankle joint, through the tibia, to the knee. 

Fifty-seven hours later, not only was Smith fighting to save his leg, but he was fighting for his life as well. Flesh-eating bacteria had entered his leg after surgery causing a terrible life-threatening infection. Thankfully, Smith lived.

Fast forward to Oct. 11, 2020, Smith miraculously made his return to the game.

As he trotted onto the field for the first time in almost two years, it was clear to see the excitement and pride in not only Smith’s eyes, but in the eyes of his family as well. 

Because he overcame all obstacles to achieve his dream of playing football again, Smith can be seen as an inspiration not only to young sports fans with dreams of their own, but to people all over the world.

Anyone with roadblocks in their life can use Alex Smith as a source of motivation. Of course, Smith isn’t the only athlete to overcome an injury, but Smith’s testimony is an example that everyone has grit inside of them. He demonstrates that no matter how challenging the road ahead may seem, almost nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it. 

While playing the game is mainly what every sport is about, sports are so much more than a few hours of competition. Sports are a source of hope, motivation and inspiration as well. The inspiration that sports provide to so many people signifies that sports are genuinely more than just a game. 


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