Ohio University released a webpage Friday showcasing administrators’ salaries and bonus compensation following public outcry over a $100,000 bonus that Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration Deb Shaffer will receive in coming years.

The webpage contains data for members of the President’s Council and academic deans, according to the page

It also contains information on why bonuses are granted, executives’ salaries, salaries for deans and furlough salaries for deans and other academic leaders.

Market comparisons of the President’s Council’s salaries are also provided. 

At the top of the webpage, there is a section that identifies the institutions OU uses salary information from when making market comparisons. Some institutions include Bowling Green State University, Ohio State University and University of Akron. National institutions from the university’s “official peer set” are also used.

“Most commonly, base pay is aligned to the market median,” according to the page. “The pay structure allows flexibility to recognize differences related to position criticality, individual performance factors and market influencers. 

Shaffer’s bonus will be awarded June 30, 2023, according to the web page. She currently does not receive any annual bonuses or additional allowances.

The information on the page will be updated annually.

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