The Ohio University Student Senate appointed individuals to several positions throughout its Wednesday night meeting. The appointees include: 

  • Government Affairs Commissioner: Maxeen Ramlo 
  • Vice Commissioner for Financial Affairs: Liz BeHage 
  • LGBTQIA+ Affairs Commissioner: Molly Davis 
  • LGBTQIA+ Affairs Vice Commissioner: Quinn Humes
  • LGBTQIA+ Affairs Senator: Luvina Cooley 
  • Minority Affairs Commissioner: Esther Aulis-Cabrera 
  • Academic Affairs Commissioner: Corrin Smith 
  • College of Fine Arts Senator: Courtney Archibald 
  • Chief of Staff: Emily Ertle 
  • Chief of Staff Assistant: Elaina Tartal
  • Women’s Affairs Commissioner: Rebecca Chess 
  • Sorority and Fraternity Life Senator: Ian Dickens 
  • Senator for Athletics: Sophia Boothby 

For Boothby, being the Senator for Athletics is about being the voice for student athletes and student government. This means leading the group Bobcats Lead Change, which has over 40 student athletes. 

The group focuses on educating athletes and university officials about systematic racism and racial injustice. Bobcats Lead Change has also helped athletes, including those on the men’s and women’s basketball teams, register to vote.

Boothby said she is part of Bobcats Lead Change “to support my fellow athletic students of color.” 

Treasurer Becky "Eliza" Ivan gave a presentation of the yearly budget for the 2020-2021 academic year. The budget has $19,683,000 with a $54,075.41 rollover from last year. 

Also at Senate, a presentation was given by Forever OHIO, a project to rebrand Diversity and Inclusion at OU. 

A new social media movement called #SEEMEOHIO will be started, which is going to allow students to tell authentic stories about their identity. The hashtag is also going to be used to show diversity beyond ethnicity and race.