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‘Supernatural’ premiered its final season on Oct. 8, 2020. (Photo provided via @cw_supernatural on Instagram)

TV Review: The bunker gets a holiday visitor on the series premiere of 'Supernatural'

Supernatural has returned with the final seven episodes left of the season. The show was on pause since March due to the pandemic. 

The previous episode of Supernatural set the plan for the rest of the season in motion. Alternate Sam (Jared Padalecki) and alternate Dean (Jensen Ackles) visit the real Sam and Dean to tell them about an alternate universe God created. Jack (Alexander Calvert) goes to the Garden of Eden per Billie’s (Lisa Berry) next step of Operation Destroy God. During the latest episode, the bunker gets a visit from a wood nymph. Here’s a recap of the episode if you couldn’t watch: 

The bunker gets a visitor

The episode opens with the bunker having some technical issues; the hot water is out, and the pipes are acting funny. When Dean goes down to the switchboard, he hits the reset button, which activates a wood nymph to be set free. Mrs. Butters (Meagan Fey) is a wood nymph who used to clean the bunker and cook for the Men of Letters. 

In 1958, the Men of Letters went on a mission and never came back because Abadon killed them. When they didn’t return, Mrs. Butters placed the bunker and herself on standby mode to keep it safe. When Dean reset the bunker, he released her. 

For the large majority of the episode, Mrs. Butters cooks for the boys and cleans the bunker. Using her powers, she gives the bunker an extra “oomph” where she can apparently turn the map table into monster radar and activate the telescope’s capability to look into other dimensions. She even makes up all the lost holidays with food and decorations.

Mrs. Butters isn’t all she is set out to be, though. She plants evidence for Jack to fend that implicates her. The Men of Letters tortured and brainwashed her into protecting family, no matter what. In the video, she effortlessly pulls a Nazi’s head off. When Jack confronts her, she explains she will do anything to protect her family, meaning Sam and Dean. Mrs. Butters, thinking Jack is dangerous because he is Lucifer’s son, drugs him and locks him away with plans of killing him. Eventually, she locks Dean away, too. Sam comes to the rescue, and together, they are able to convince Mrs. Butters that Jack can save the world. 

Distraught, Mrs. Butters apologizes and leaves to go back into the woods, which is her dream. 

Jack is in a lull with his soul back

In the beginning of the episode, Jack is still grappling with the things he did when he was soulless. Later, he and Dean have a heart-to-heart. Dean admits he is still trying to deal with Jack killing Mary but is trying to forgive him.

At the end of the episode, Dean makes Jack a birthday cake.

The episode was a nice way to ease back into the rest of the season. The show gave a nod to “A Very Supernatural Christmas” where pagan gods rip Sam’s fingernail off. In Thursday’s episode, Mrs. Butters rips multiple fingernails off, and the special effects seem to have gotten significantly more believable. 

Seeing the boys happy for a short time gave the audience hope. Hopefully, it stays. 

Here’s what Twitter had to say about the episode:

Supernatural airs Thursday at 8 p.m. on The CW.


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