Halloween is a time to express yourself and dress outside of how you usually do. While masks have recently become part of our daily lives, they have always been custom to Halloween. This season, everyone will be rocking a mask, but that doesn't mean you can't still have fun dressing up. Here are 10 ideas that take the worry out of incorporating a mask in this year's costume, while keeping yourself and everyone around you safe:


Bring to life a spooky, scary skeleton by adding a face mask. Your look can be made more realistic by drawing a mouth on a disposable mask or buying a cloth mask with a skeleton mouth design. The iconic Jack Skellington is an easy character to copy. To draw his mouth, color two dots for a nose, then thin lines to depict his signature smile. Then, all you need is skeleton printed clothes. 

The Masked Singer contestant

This hit show is perfect for mask-friendly costume inspiration; it's even in the title. There are a multitude of eye-catching and glamorous costumes to choose from. Binge watch the seasons and pick your favorite celebrity look to recreate for a one-of-a-kind costume.

Cousin Itt

Cousin Itt, from The Addams Family, is a unique costume that hides a mask and will turn heads as you walk down the street. This one is simple to DIY by watching YouTube videos. One popular way to pull off the look is by layering grass hula skirts on your body. After, you wear black sunglasses, a mask underneath the layers and a black hat. 


Superhero costumes are expected to be especially popular this year because a mask can be easily included. The options are endless, and let's be honest, their outfits are pretty awesome. Whether you decide to go as Iron Man, Batman, the Hulk or pay tribute to Chadwick Boseman by dressing as the Black Panther, you'll have a super costume all while staying safe.


Create an authentic costume inspired by this Halloween classic. Dress up in your favorite orange clothes and add an optional stem headband. For the finishing touch, decorate your mask with a jack-o’-lantern's iconic toothy smile. You can make this yourself by drawing on a disposable mask or using fabric markers/paint on a black cloth mask. Instead, it can be purchased as well. 


Create an out-of-this-world outfit with a white jacket, white pants, NASA sticker and space helmet. A space helmet doubles as a mask and can be purchased or made DIY. Turn to Google and YouTube for endless tutorials. 

Healthcare worker

This past year has proven how essential healthcare workers are. Show your appreciation by dressing up as one. No need to worry about adding on a mask; it is already a part of their uniform. Wear scrubs or a doctor's coat, stethoscope around your neck and a mask of your choice.

Carole Baskin

A recent pop culture icon from the hit Netflix show Tiger King, Carole Baskin, is sure to be a trendy costume this season. Create the look with loose fit flare jeans, a leopard blouse, a flower crown and a leopard print mask. A plus is that all these items can be used year-round too. An optional way to amp up the look is carrying around a stuffed tiger. 


Unleash your inner wild west with a cowboy/cowgirl costume. There are many ways to create this, but some typical outfits include jeans, a flannel shirt, boots and a cowboy hat. Don't forget to include a bandana, which doubles as an accessory and a mask. 


Silently sneak around, making martial arts moves all night like a ninja. Wear black clothes, black shoes and a black mask or gaiter. Too further the look, add a red scarf around your waist.