Harry Styles’ 2017 self-titled debut album marked his departure from One Direction and enabled the artist to move onto mature, rock-infused sounds. 

No longer held back by the teenage dream and idealistic sounds of his former boy band, Styles transformed himself into a flashy rockstar similar to the likes of Prince and David Bowie. This was an unexpected turn for many O.G. One Direction fans, but one they nevertheless stuck with. 

Though the album was released in May of 2017, staple tunes carry a solemn autumnal feeling with soft rock and pop vibes. 

Here are the best fall tracks from Harry Styles’ self-titled album. 

“Ever Since New York”

Styles capitalizes on his own self-doubt and reflection in “Ever Since New York.” 

The mellow sound of acoustic guitar mixed with soft drumming carries the tune and makes it solemn in an effort to emphasize Styles’ loneliness. He isn’t concerned with the blitzy, fan-filled celebrity life -- he’s exploring his own faults and doubts.

As the semester comes to a close and students head home, “Ever Since New York” is a great way to transition into later parts of the season. 


“Woman” stands as one of the more rock-infused songs on Styles’ album. 

The guitar-heavy melody focuses on Styles’ apparent tantalizing relationship with a woman, and his jealousy over another man. It’s a rowdier song that highlights Styles’ pervasive youthfulness. This, along with other tracks, are ones that set Styles apart from the once preppy boy band persona created throughout his years in One Direction. 

During this time in the season where the days grow shorter, an upbeat Harry Styles song is perfect for the season.

“From the Dining Table”

From the Dining Table” is another song about Styles’ loneliness and regret. 

In this, he focuses on the transition from his life in stardom, to finding his own way as a solo artist and looking for a cure to his loneliness. This feeling is emphasized in the lines, “Woke up alone in this hotel room / Played with myself where were you? / Fell back asleep, I got drunk by noon / I’ve never felt less cool.”

Even big stars like Styles have their own mental struggles, and this concept is explored in the song. 

While leaves are falling off the trees and the weather cools down, it’s important to take time to relax. These fall staples from Styles’ debut album make for a perfect end to a brisk autumn day. 

Rating: 5/5