As the temperatures drop, we trade in our shorts for jeans and cropped tops for sweaters. Just because the weather keeps you inside does not mean winter fashion has to be boring. Here are five fashion trends that are sure to keep you feeling cool and comfortable this winter:

Prim and preppy

This winter brings the rise of preppy chic, and not just at the country club. Preppy chic looks make any outfit appear put together and still be comfortable. Trench coats, blazers and pants with patterns such as houndstooth and plaid can bring any boring outfit to life. They can be neutral colors such as browns and blacks or eye-popping ones like neons. Another easy way to add a tailored look to an outfit is to add a white or color collared shirt to a sweater or sweatshirt, making sure to only show the collar. There are even detachable fake collared shirts on stores like Amazon. It still gives you that polished look without making you pay full price. 

On the bright side 

Winter fashion does not have to only include dull colors. Bright colors like purple and green can bring any outfit to life. Paired with other neutral colors and patterns, bright and neon colors like these warm and vibrant ones are needed during the colder days. You can be soft and simply add a colorful top or be bold and pair bright complimentary colors together through pants and a statement jacket. Being able to coordinate different colors can make any outfit look like a matching set.

Not just for the bedroom

Lingerie is no longer solely for being worn under clothes. A great way to show off your silhouette is to add a piece of nightwear to your outfit. A subtle way to do so is to match a cropped cardigan with a bralette or shorter camisole. For a more casual look, add a lace bralette over a white or black T-shirt. You can also add any bralette, camisole or bustier to a skirt and large jacket for a time out. For a more professional look, a light corset top can be paired with a suit or a blazer. It’s a daring choice for anyone looking to make an impression. 

Oversize and overhang

Oversized jackets are definitely not a new trend, especially the infamous teddy bear jackets. While there’s no arguing that they are comfortable and cute, they are more for a casual look. This winter, dress up any outfit with suede or black biker jacket. They add a lighter or darker feel to any look without the risk of getting cold. A suede or biker jacket can both be dressed up with a slip or t-shirt dress, or dressed down with a band tee and jeans. A puffer jacket is a perfect fit for the days where you just can’t risk the cold to look good. A personal recommendation for any jacket would be to get it a size bigger, that way you can still keep warm and look cute while doing so. 

A rough patch 

What once was a simple craft now is one of the biggest trends from fashion week. Patchwork is so popular today partly due to its sustainability aspect. Mixing pieces of other fabrics together allows for the reuse of otherwise wasted materials while still looking on-trend. Any clothing items can be patched together, but most notably would be denim. From jackets, jumpsuits and jeans, any piece of denim coordinates well with other patchwork. You can even add double the flare with a denim on denim look that is sure to give a funky yet coordinated look for any occasion.