Oh to have a significant other during the holiday season. Some may say it’s a curse and a blessing all in one. Yes, the snuggles, hot chocolate dates and Christmas movies sound like nothing less than a dream, but one also has to deal with the stress of having to come up with the perfect gift for that special someone. 

For many, picking out the ideal present for their sweetheart may be seen as enjoyable and effortless, however, there are also those who dread spending the money and don’t even know where to begin looking. (Boys, we’re talking about you). Don’t fear though, we’re here to help brainstorm gift ideas best fit for every relationship stage, whether that means the two of you are only merely “talking,” or you foresee an engagement in your future. We got you covered. 

Talking stage 

If you happen to be stuck in the awkward situation where you have just begun to talk to someone, don’t feel pressured to buy them anything. Most likely, the conversation regarding whether the two of you are getting each other gifts could be more uncomfortable than anticipated. It’s probably not the most brilliant of ideas to buy the person you probably only Snapchat, hang out with on occasion and hook up with, anything mushy before even defining the relationship. 

Nonetheless, if the relationship does seem like it is headed somewhere promising, there is no shame in getting each other something small and sweet. Although gift cards can seem impersonal, buying one to somewhere they love, paired with something like a handpicked, crafted, thoughtful playlist, that can’t be store bought, can simply say, “I care about you and like where this is going.” 

Other ideas are to plan an actual date for the other, assuming you two probably haven’t been on many yet. Trust us, quality time together is much more meaningful than anything money can buy. 

Dating for a few months 

So you and your boyfriend or girlfriend have been dating for around three to eight months, give or take. It’s possible the two of you are still currently in the honeymoon phase, and this could potentially even be your first holiday season spent together -- meaning finding a gift that genuinely shows you’re in it for the long haul is crucial. 

Obviously, one cannot go wrong with purchasing and selecting jewelry of some sort. Most pieces are timeless, classy and can be seen as a token of your affection. It’s the gift that never goes out of style and is likely to make your partner squeal with excitement and blush with emotion. Keep in mind, it is not necessary to purchase the most expensive necklace or pair of earrings to prove your devotion. Keep it simple, as the thought itself is enough. 

Similar to jewelry, perfume or cologne always upholds itself as a safe option. There’s nothing better than loving the way your partner smells, so do yourself and them a favor by buying them a scent that will catch everyone’s attention. 

Additionally, clothes fall under the same category. By now, you likely are to be pretty acquainted with your significant other’s sense of style, so purchasing an outfit you know they’ll love and will feel confident in will go a long way. Contrastingly, if you feel as if your partner’s sense of style could use some assistance, take this as the perfect opportunity to take a risk and buy an article of clothing they normally wouldn’t, and insist they will look nothing less than striking in their new fit. 

Dating your partner for over a year

Look at you. You’ve made it this far. You’ve survived several Christmas celebrations and gift exchanges with someone you are most likely utterly in love with. When you are authentically and absolutely in love with someone, the range of viable gifts expands. You know them. You know their style, what they love to do, what their daily routine looks like and what they desire most in life. Buying something personal for your significant other in this case is decisive. 

Most likely, you are either going to buy them an arrangement of presents or a single considerable one. Let’s begin with a few options. There’s nothing like a picture frame or collage of you and him/her. To make it more unique though, get a paint-by-number of your favorite picture of the two of you or even a sketch of it. You can upload your photo here and get to creating a beautiful gift your partner is sure to treasure. A piece of art representative of the two of you’s bond is a different kind of love language. 

Two gift ideas that have gained attention due to TikTok include both the personalized Spotify glass art and love touch lamps. If you are unfamiliar with these two concepts, enlighten yourself as these are superb and very thoughtful gift suggestions. The Spotify glass art can be made at home or purchased on Etsy. Simply, a picture of the two of you will be placed on glass to imitate an album cover with a song titled underneath. If you and your partner have a song that is “yours,” the sentiment in this gift can be very extensive. Essentially, it will look just like a song being played on your phone. It makes for a great decoration and an even greater love affirmation. 

The love touch lamps can be purchased on Etsy as well, or other sites such as Amazon or Urban Outfitters. The lamps can be easily tapped to turn several different colors. You and your partner can make your own special, personal key to have different colors symbolize different messages. These are perfect if you and your significant other are currently tackling long distance. 

Alright ladies, this is your time to shine and just do it. You know what we’re talking about. Rip off the band aid and buy your mans that PlayStation 5. If you do, he will likely make a wife out of you in the future, or maybe out of excitement, even right then and there! Just beware, for a few days following, the PS5 may take a lot of his attention and time, but remember, you brought this on yourself. 

Lastly, if you and your boo value experiences over materialistic gifts any day, consider planning a weekend getaway trip or buying tickets to a concert in the future when COVID-19 is (hopefully) no longer as prevalent. Think about booking a ski trip to the mountains. What more could you want than snow, a hot tub and your person’s presence alongside you? Get out there and hit the slopes together, dressed in a cute snowboard fit and all. 

Don’t rule out skydiving, bungee jumping, white water rafting or anything else adventurous the two of you could conquer together. This would be the perfect step in proving the two of you are united and can overcome anything with the other by your side. 

Time to wife her up 

Gentlemen (or ladies), you’ve been with your girl (or boyfriend) for five plus years now. What are you waiting for? If the timing is right and you have no question whether or not you want to be with her/him for the rest of your life -- do the damn thing. 

They are likely waiting for this moment, and nothing says romance like the perfect holiday proposal. Plan the night accordingly in consideration to whatever is most special to your relationship. Maybe that be an upscale dinner, followed by an intimate wine night or maybe that means just staying in, ordering Chinese and spending quality time together. 

No matter the circumstances, the two of you are there for one another through thick and thin. Solidify the relationship even further with a diamond ring on your love’s finger.